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Jill and Derick Dillard sitting in restaurant

Jim Bob Duggar Allegedly Fears Family Influence of Derick Dillard

Jill Dillard | Instagram
By A. Elise

The rift between the Dillards and the Duggars seems to grow with each interview Derick Dillard gives. A recent interview seems to show that the tension between Dillard and Jim Bob Duggar is at an all-time high. Could the relationship be irreparably broken at this point?

Dillard has been clear about his feelings about the Duggar family in recent interviews, and most recently he spoke with The Sun about relations with his in-laws. In the past, Dillard revealed that he and his wife are only allowed to visit the family home when Jim Bob is present.

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Jill and Derick Dillard smiling
Jill Dillard | Instagram

While the tension apparently grew out of the fact that the Dillard family was not paid for appearing on TLC’s “Counting On” and that Jim Bob pocketed all the money from the reality show, it seems that now the dispute is about much more.

According to Dillard, the conflict is now about influence. Allegedly, Jim Bob is afraid that the Dillard family will have a negative influence on the rest of the Duggar children. This includes the adults who still live under the patriarch's influence.

Jill and Derick Dillard at the beach
Jill Dillard | Instagram

In his latest interview, Dillard says that Jim Bob is “mainly worried about the influence we might have on his children.” His claim seems to stem from the fact that the Dillard family is way more relaxed about some of the rules the Duggars hold close.

For example, the Duggars frown upon women wearing pants, but Jill is frequently spotted wearing pants and shorts. She has cut her hair, pierced her nose, and allows the children to watch some secular television shows.

Joy, Jinger, Jill, Jessa, and Jana Duggar
The Duggars | Instagram

One of the biggest ways the Dillards could influence the Duggars? They signed their oldest child up for public school kindergarten, foregoing the homeschooling Jill was brought up in.

Dillard also mentioned to The Sun that he would “only consider doing filming if we had a say in the terms of our arrangement.” He claimed that he and Jill were “strongly discouraged” from talking to anybody else in the family about their payment for the show, and he was also “not allowed” to speak with TLC about payment. Jim Bob allegedly wanted to handle everything.

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar
The Duggars | Instagram

Dillard said that the relationship he and Jill have with the Duggar family is restricted because they are not allowed at the Duggar house. He also claimed, “We do try to invite brothers and sisters-in-law over as much as they can come.” He went on to say that they both pray for restoration of relationships.

Currently, Dillard is going to law school, parenting two children, and working as a delivery driver for GrubHub. In contrast, most of the Duggar children seem to actively work for Jim Bob, and many still live on Jim Bob’s properties.

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