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Jenelle Evans posing

Jenelle Evans Launches Website to "Get Rid of the Haters"

Jenelle Evans | Instagram
By A. Elise

While you may not seen former “Teen Mom 2” star Jenelle Evans on MTV anymore, her firing is not keeping her away from controversy.

Evans claims that she has become a victim of “targeted harassment” via websites like Reddit in the months following her husband killing the family’s dog and Evans’ refusal to support the Black Lives Matter movement.

This week, Evans released a new website that could help her make some fast cash.

The problem? A lot of “Teen Mom” fans aren’t buying it.

Jenelle Evans and David Eason holding hands
Jenelle Evans | Instagram

It has been over a year since Evans filmed for the MTV reality show, and there is no sign that she will be invited back in the future. For this reason, many of the show’s viewers speculate that Evans may be facing financial ruin.

Within the last week, Evans threatened to sue Reddit, specifically members of the r/TeenMomOGandTeenMom2 subreddit for posting about her. Soon after her threats emerged, screenshots appeared suggesting that Evans could not afford to hire an attorney to pursue such a lawsuit.

Jenelle Evans on floatie in swimming pool
Jenelle Evans | Instagram

According to Evans' own social media posts, posts on Reddit have led to “loss of income and Redditors calling the police, child protective services and even the FBI.” Evans deleted these social media posts but followed them up with a video on Instagram announcing her new website.

In the video, Evans said, “I miss sharing my story with everyone. So, I figured this was a great way to connect with all of you.” According to Evans, the new website will offer content Evans describes as “exclusive.” Those who purchase access to her website will watch videos, listen to podcasts, view pictures, and even engage in live chat sessions. The website is called Jenelle’s World.

Jenelle Evans posing in front of chicken coop
Jenelle Evans | Instagram

Jenelle’s World claims that the website will offer “exclusive videos” that include footage of her “weekends with the kids.”

Much like websites such as Patreon, Jenelle’s World offers tiers. Those willing to pay $5 a month receive “Friends Status” and are promised monthly giveaways, videos, pictures, and “behind the scenes” content.

Those who pay $15 a month will also be made part of a “private group,” receive access to a podcast, and enjoy a 15% discount on all Jenelle Evans merchandise.

For anybody who wants to be Evans’ “Bestie,” it comes at the price of $75 a month. At this rate, you can also be part of a live chat with Evans.

Screenshot of Jenelle Evans' Instagram story about harassment
Jenelle Evans | Instagram

Twitter did not take kindly to the website, with some calling Evans "annoying" and "tone deaf." All of this comes in the wake of Evans posting screenshots of Reddit to Instagram calling out her "haters."

Additionally, some Twitter users called out the content Evans was charging subscribers to see. One user posted a screenshot of the website with the Tweet, "Imagine paying $75 a month to see pictures of Jenelle in sunglasses."

On the other hand, Evans says that Jenelle’s World offers a way to “get rid of the haters” and get closer to her “true fans.”

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