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Model Kate Upton Celebrates 28th Birthday On Instagram With Cleavage, Cake & Champagne Show

Gettyimages | Mondadori Portfolio
By Rima Pundir

Model, actress, and mother, Kate Upton quietly turned 28 years old on June 10 and seems to have had a loving birthday surrounded by friends and family and their umpteen wishes. She posted a little update on Instagram wearing a gorgeous green dress as she stood next to a rather loaded table. While she was discovered as a model in her early days, Upton made her debut into acting as well, starring with Alexandra Daddario in the road trip sex comedy, "The Layover".

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Happy Birthday Kate Upton

Kate Upton on her 28th birthday
Kate Upton / Instagram

Originally from Michigan, Upton's family moved to Florida when she was seven and it was there she was discovered and launched as a model. Now 28, Upton posted a birthday picture on Instagram wearing a cleavage-baring green leafy dress and looking cool as a cucumber. The flowers and cake and the champagne in her hand all alluded to the fact that Upton seemed to have had one sweet birthday, even if there are no big parties to throw because of Coronavirus.

Upton Thanks Friends & Family For Special Day

Kate Upton soaking some vitamin sea
Kate Upton / Instagram

Upton captioned the picture as, "This has been such a special birthday - any day surrounded by loved ones is amazing, and I’m so grateful for my friends and family who celebrated and sent in messages from afar! #28" and fans flooded her Instagram with love, wishes and all the emojis they could think of. With a two-tiered birthday cake and tiny little gift boxes gracing her kitchen table, Upton looked pretty as a peach and as joyful as a rainbow.

Justin Verlander Is Her Ver-lentine, For Life

Kate Upton with husband Justin Verlander
Kate Upton / Instagram

Kate Upton met and started dating baseball player Justin Verlander in 2014, and at the time, he was with Detroit Tigers. By 2016, the relationship had taken a turn for the serious and they got engaged. On November 4, 2017, Kate Upton got married to Justin Verlander and they had their first child, daughter Genevieve, born on November 7, 2018. Quite a way to celebrate their first marriage anniversary but with Upton being a faithful Christian, everything was done very proper.

Got A Cross Inked For Her Christian Faith

Kate Upton for a Glamour photoshoot
Kate Upton / Instagram

Kate Upton also has a cross inked on the inside of one of her fingers, and the story of how she got it is a pretty interesting take on how female models are stereotyped in the industry. During her early days as a model, Upton was wearing a cross necklace during one of her photoshoots and someone commented on it, saying as to why someone like Upton would wear a cross necklace, questioning her faith. The necklace was taken from her during the shoot, and Upton got so upset about it, she decided to have the cross on her at all times as a tattoo.

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