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Rebel Wilson Posts Toned Derriere Pic On Instagram Prompting Fans To Dub Her 'Buns O'Steele'

Gettyimages | Roy Rochlin
By Rima Pundir

Actress, and comedian, Rebel Wilson is in no mood to slow down. She's on a roll, and by that, we mean a fitness roll, and the flab is being slain left, right and center, and especially behind. Her latest pictures and posts on Instagram clearly point out to a good amount of weight loss but the glow on her face reminds fans and followers that her weight loss journey is all about getting fit and healthy, instead of simply dieting her way into getting thin.

Presenting 'Buns O'Steel'

Rebel Wilson out on a hike
Rebel Wilson / Instagram

Wilson posted this picture in the wee hours of June 11th, Australia time, apparently up and about a hike in her home country, and an Instagram user wrote, "Buns O'Steel. Your new undercover name". Meanwhile, with more than 80 likes, the top comment was, "You look amazing!! Strong and fit! I’m on the same journey and seeing your progress is an inspiration to me to keep up the hard work 👏" And Rebel Wilson has definitely kept up her 2020 resolution of becoming fitter and better all the way through.

Fans Also Loved Her Large Hat

Rebel Wilson out on a hike
Rebel Wilson / Instagram

Another picture she put up was a view of the Sydney Harbor and a fan wrote in, "love that you can see Sydney harbor in the background!!!" Others were besotted with her large hat, one fan even lamenting that they had one just like hers but downsized it for a smaller one, making a terrible mistake. Another user responded to Rebel's caption to the photo where she said, "Australia! You cheeky possum"; writing, "Cheeky is right! 💗 You are looking so beautiful and are inspiring me to workout again."

Looking For Crumbs?

Rebel Wilson posing on the sofa
Rebel Wilson / Instagram

While Wilson has lost oodles of weight, she hasn't lost her sense of humor as she captioned this sexy pic as "Just another day of lying on the couch for me....what about you guys?? (Ps what are my fingers looking for? Chocolate crumbs?? 😝)". To this, a diligent Instagram commenter replied, "I'm actually trying not to do that ;) I'm taking the opportunity to go on more long walks, insert a bit of exercise (not running) into my routine, and a little bit of writing too, whether just something creative or a short script, again which I'm still teaching myself to write. How about you?" How's that for a commitment?

Rebel Wilson Slays. Period.

Rebel Wilson slays in a tight fishnet dress
Rebel Wilson / Instagram

Another of her latest pics on Instagram is a shoot by Vogue Australia, so shot by Nicole Bentley, and Wilson looks absolutely stunning in a fishnet dress. Most fans' comments range in the beautiful, hot and gorgeous category, with many saying she looked stunning no matter what, with or without a few pounds. One Instagram user had to ask how many Spanx she was wearing though, and another user put her in place by saying, "this is the exact type of comment as to why women have a complex about their bodies..." Mic drop!

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