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Wrestlers Accused Of Being Unsafe Workers

Gettyimages | Jon Kopaloff
By Carol Cassada

Wrestling is a popular sport, however it can also be a dangerous sport.

When fighting in the ring, wrestlers try to protect themselves and their opponents. However, accidents do happen, which leaves one person injured and the other suffering criticism for being an unsafe worker.

Wrestling fans are very vocal in their criticism over WWE stars. When someone is injured, fans are quick to blame their opponent.

Nia Jax is one of the recent wrestlers to suffer backlash.

Jax has been accused of being a dangerous wrestler and intentionally injuring her opponents.

The criticism started when Nia punched Becky Lynch during a brawl with the RAW and Smackdown rosters. Nia's punch left Becky with a bloody nose and a concussion, forcing Lynch to drop out of her Survivor Series match.

Recently, accusations over Jax's unsafe ring work has come under fire once again.

Jax has injured Kairi Sane twice in the span of a couple of weeks.

The first time occurred when she performed a nasty turnbuckle powerbomb on Sane. Fans noticed in the replay it looked like Jax throw Kairi too hard.

Last week, reports surfaced that Jax once again injured Sane. During a taping for RAW, their match had to be stopped when Jax pushed Kairi into the steel steps instead of whipping her into them.

Sane suffered a nasty cut, which caused the match to be stopped so she could get medical attention.

The latest news of Jax causing injury to another wrestlers has fans up in arms. Many feel that she's dangerous and should be fired.

Jax isn't the only wrestler to face criticism over being unsafe in the ring.

Seth Rollins


Seth Rollins is one of WWE's top stars and the face of Monday Night RAW.

Rollins athleticism along with his high-flying moves has made him a favorite with the crowds.

Despite his popularity, he's also faced accusations of being unsafe in the ring.

One of the first incidents occurred during a match with another of WWE's top stars: John Cena. In 2015, the two wrestled in a match on RAW, and during the bout, Cena suffered a bloody nose thanks to Rollins.

A couple of months later, Seth was involved in another incident. This one involved WWE Hall of Famer Sting. During their match, Rollins performed a turnbuckle powerbomb on Sting.

The move caused a neck injury to Sting and a few months later he announced his retirement.

The next story about Seth injuring an opponent came during the 2016 SummerSlam PPV. Rollins faced off against Finn Balor for the inaugural Universal Championship.

When Rollins threw Balor into the barricade, Finn dislocated his shoulder. Even though Balor won the match and the championship, he suffered a shoulder injury which forced him to relinquish the title the following night.

Sasha Banks

Gettyimages | Jon Kopaloff

Sasha Banks is one of the most talented and charismatic women on WWE's women's roster.

However, throughout the years, anti Sasha fans have accused her of being dangerous.

One of the earliest incidents came during her days in NXT, when she was accused of intentionally giving Alexa Bliss a bloody nose. Alexa believed Sasha did it on purpose and this has led to a real-life feud between the two women.

In December 2017, Sasha was once again faced with criticism of being unsafe.

WWE wrestler Paige had just returned from a neck injury a month earlier. Paige and Sasha were opponents in a six-women tag match at a house show. During the match, Sasha kicked Paige in the back, which caused her to collapse to the ground. Sasha and the rest of the women looked on in concern as referees and medical staff tended to Paige.

A few months after the incident, Paige announced her retirement from wrestling. Paige fans immediately began harassing Sasha by calling her dangerous.

Sasha said the accusations of being unsafe affected her mental state and led her to taking a break from wrestling.

As for Paige, she held no ill will towards Sasha and came to her defense amid the accusations.

Beth Phoenix


There was no women more intimidating during the Divas Era of WWE than Beth Phoenix.

With the way she manhandled her opponents, many women were afraid to step into the ring with Phoenix.

While Phoenix seems like a sweetheart of a person in real-life, she's been accused of being just as intimidating as her character.

One of Phoenix's former co-workers Michelle McCool accused the Glamazon of being a dangerous worker.

As the story goes when Beth was performing her signature move The Glam Slam on McCool, she forgot to unhook Michelle's arms. Michelle was faceplanted on the mat, and suffered a concussion.

Michelle has stated she believes Phoenix intentionally hurt her by not unhooking her arms. Phoenix also seemed to imply that she did injure Michelle on purpose, but no reason has been explained for her actions.

Ronda Rousey


When MMA fighter Ronda Rousey joined WWE in 2018, she set out to prove she was the "Baddest Woman on the Planet."

Rousey was a dominate force inside the octagon, but her moveset caused controversy in wrestling.

At the 2018 Hell in a Cell PPV, Women's Champion Rousey faced off against Alexa Bliss in a rematch.

Rousey put Bliss in a headlock forcing her to tap out. Following their match, Bliss took some time off to deal with an injury and rumors began circulating about her career going forward.

Bliss did eventually return, but she confirmed she suffered a concussion due to Ronda and Bliss feared her wrestling career would be over due to the injury.

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