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TikToker Addison Rae Gets 4 Million Likes For Bold Brows & Cheeky Look On Instagram

Addison Rae
By Rima Pundir

Dancer and social media personality Addison Rae is the third most influential person on TikTok, with 2.4 billion likes in total and more than 44 million followers. And she pretty much has to do nothing on Instagram to get millions on likes on her pictures. This is obvious from her latest Instagram post where she is getting her makeup done that has already garnered more than 4 million likes in just 14 hours. With that gorgeous face and body and some perfect dance moves, it's easy to see why the world loves her on social media.

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19 Years & 19.3 Instagram Followers!

Addison Rae wears bold brows and lip
Addison Rae / Instagram

Addison Rae Easterling is all of 19 years old and even on Instagram, boasts an impressive 19.2 million followers, a number that keeps on growing on an everyday basis. She treated her followers to a rather cheeky post on June 9, wearing bold lip and brows by makeup artists Patrick Ta and hair being done by Jesus Guerrero. With her oft-worn gold hoops and that signature Cartier ring in gold, Addison Rae looked like a breath of fresh air, reason enough for the 4.1 million likes.

Cheeky Girls Get All The Likes

Addison Rae wears bold brows and lip
Addison Rae / Instagram

Unlike Larsa Pippen and Sommer Ray, other social media influencers that have a massive fan following, Addison Rae is less into skin show and more into showing off her dance moves and cheeky expressions. While she is beautiful, its a combination of her dance videos and other stuff that has made her so popular. She is also rather outspoken about the Black Lives Matter movement and even attended a protest with her on-off boyfriend Bryce Hall, who was arrested in Texas on drug-related charges earlier.

Rumors Swirl Like Smoke

Addison Rae invites fans to dance
Addison Rae / Instagram

It is speculated that while Addison and Bryce Hall were not together at the point, she might have bailed him out, and Hype House, a TikTok organization that she is part of may have helped as well. Rumors are rife that Bryce Hall and Addison are back again especially since they have started TikToking again, creating an insane amount of chatter on the Internet on are-they or aren't-they together. Meanwhile, other rumors are about Addison Rae leaving Hype House.

Haters Don't Bother Addison

Weighty problems do not weigh on Addison Rae's mind
Addison Rae / Instagram

With millions of followers and billions of likes, you'd think all that Addison Rae receives online is love. But that's not the case. Just recently, she posted a series of pictures with a Martin Luther King quote, supposedly to show her love for the BLM movement. She received backlash for it, enough for her to apologize and remove the caption. She has also been receiving some trolling online for a little weight gain, but this 19-year-old keeps it strong and steady and believes that body-shaming is no skin off her back.

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