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B. Simone made another controversial statement after saying her man can't work a

B. Simone Has Social Media Buzzing After Saying Her Future Boyfriend Can't Work A 9-5 Job

B. Simone- Instagram
By Yuriy Andriyashchuk

B. Simone was almost canceled on social media a few weeks ago as she did a great job of advocating the need for changes in our system that always stand with racism and police brutality. The only problem in her tweets was that she said that people should "pray for the enemy." That did not go well at the time due to law enforcement using excessive force on protestors. Simone also made the bold claim that she would never be canceled.

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B. Simone thinks that entrepreneurs should only date entrepreneurs.
B. Simone- Instagram

B. Simone is getting into some more hot water as she recently did an [interview with fellow Wild 'n Out co-star, Nick Cannon and she said that her future boyfriend can't work a regular 9-5 job. Cannon was surprised by this as he said many men have really good jobs and vocational skills.

Simone defended herself by saying that the man can instead be a "hustling entrepreneur." She also agreed that she wants someone on "CEO status" and that a man keep clocking in and out.

B. Simone believes that men with 9-5s won't understand her lifestyle.
B. Simone- Instagram

Simone went on to say that 9-5 men won't understand her lifestyle and why she's up at 3am. This is all while Cannon said that these men have honest jobs.

Simone flat out believes that "entrepreneurs should date entrepreneurs." Business owners are her choice but it seems like she just wants someone who is well known like her. Social media has been in flames since she made these comments as they feel that she's showing arrogance, especially since she got famous.

B. Simone thinks that entrepreneurs should only date entrepreneurs.
B. Simone- Instagram

People also made sure that Simone needs to be humble because at one point, she didn't have all of the money in fame. Back in April, she officially became a millionaire and social media rejoiced for her. Now, people are getting vibes that come off as pure cockiness and not respecting others. People are believing that the positive tweets that she posts aren't being applied to herself in real life. The 9-5 comments appeared to be another made move made for sure.

B. Simone has since faced backlash since these 9-5 comments on social media.
B. Simone- Instagram

One user on Twitter even wondered if Simone is tired of getting dragged on social media every week. Not thinking that you can get canceled is a very tricky fire to play with. People can cancel someone just as quickly as they made them famous. This has since happened to fellow Instagram comedian, Desi Banks. He has since been protesting with people to show that he cares in bringing awareness and change to social justice issues in America such as racism and police brutality.

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