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Chloe Green

After Dumping Hot Felon Jeremy Meeks, Chloe Green Is Allegedly Dating This Mystery Guy

Gettyimages | Arnold Jerocki
By Rima Pundir

Chloe Green has made it a habit to passionately kiss whichever man she is currently seeing on boats. She started with 'hot felon' Jeremy Meeks who she dumped in 2019, after having his baby Jayden, now two-years-old. Now, its another mystery dude. The jet-setting heiress of Top Shop's owner Sir Phillip Green, Chloe "slammed" it with Meeks for a while but now, it seems, it backs to dating big monies men, and her latest boyfriend has nothing in common with Meeks.

Chloe Is Back To Dating Money

Chloe Green with friends and family
Chloe Green / Instagram

According to various websites, it is alleged that Chloe Green is now dating Manuele Thiella, a close family friend, and often seen in her Instagram pictures in friends and family pictures. We are sure Chloe's parents must be relieved now that she is dating old money again, and felon Jeremy Meeks has been duly dumped for someone with a long bank balance, rather than a very, very long rap sheet. In this picture, Chloe is sitting on Manuele Thiella's lap...

Meeks Dumped Melissa, Chloe Dumped Meeks

Chloe with Jeremy Meeks in happier times
Chloe Green / Instagram

It's not as if Jeremy Meeks could truly hold Chloe Green accountable for anything, especially when he became her baby daddy while he was still married to his wife, Melissa, with whom he shares another son. He was also the stepfather of Melissa's two children from a previous relationship, and his divorce petition basically came as a giant if an unpleasant surprise to her. While Melissa did speak up about Jeremy Meeks dumping her for Chloe; after Chloe dumped him, Meeks was seen with Melissa as well.

Love In Friendship: Chloe & Manuele

Chloe Green with friends, family and Manuele Thiella
Chloe Green / Instagram

Coming back to Chloe Green and Manuele Thiella, whom she was spotted kissing rather passionately, the 29-year-old heiress has been friends with the 34-year-old CEO of Royal Yacht Brokers. The company boasts celebrity connections, such as Chrissy Teigen, Alicia Vikander, and the Queen of Pop herself, Madonna. Thiella, who has a daughter from a previous marriage, has been spotted giving Chloe company not only at the New Year party of 2020 but also her "pirate-themed" birthday which she celebrated recently. We wonder if Meeks and Chloe are still on talking terms!

Meeks Now Has To Look For Love Elsewhere

Chloe on Thiella's boat
Chloe Green / Instagram

Apparently, Chloe and Manuele started dating in 2019 itself, at a time when Jeremy Meeks was still vehemently denying that there was anything wrong with the relationship. Melissa, Jeremy's ex-wife later alluded to her theory that had Chloe been anything but an heiress, she doubted Meek would have left her, Melissa, for Chloe. Either which way, with Chloe having moved on pretty quick, all of Jeremy's hopes of reconciliation, if he had any that is, have been dashed to the ground.

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