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A photo showing Mark Wahlberg in a striped T-shirt and face cap on an open field.

Mark Wahlberg Gets Backlash Over Racist Incidents From 30 Years Ago

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By Favour

Mark Wahlberg is getting the attention he did not ask for as critics are digging into his past and finding that he has a lot he wants to put behind him. This unwanted attention stems fro the fact that people are enraged about the killings of black people in America and all over the world, due to racism.

Although Wahlberg has apologized for his actions of over 30 years ago, that memory still lingers in the hearts and minds of a lot of people.

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While he was still a young boy living in South Boston, the actor allegedly vehemently involved himself in several attacks against people of color. These actions according to him, were unwarranted and disappointed and he openly acknowledged that he had seen the errors of his ways.

His fans were proud that he could admit to himself and the world that what he did was outrageous and wrong. However, many people are ensuring that the actor knows that they have not forgotten what he did decades years ago.


The backlash aimed at Wahlberg kicked off when the "Spenser Confidential" star posted a tribute to the late George Floyd. The actor sent out his post in solidarity to the black community who are presently protesting against racism in different parts of America.

Although his tribute melted the hearts of so many fans, others seized the opportunity to remind the actor that he once stood for what they are fighting against now.

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In his post, Wahlberg mentioned that the gruesome murder of Floyd was heart-wrenching and that everyone has a role to play in stopping the abuse of black people. Initially, this message sat well with his fans, but as soon as non-fans dug out his past, Wahlberg was slammed with all sort of names.

Many people insisted that Wahlberg is a 'hypocrite' and that they could never trust that he was fighting for the black community. After a while, the comment section was filled with comments about a hate crime section of Wahlberg's Wikipedia page.

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