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Meri Brown posing with two dogs

Is Sister Wife Meri Brown Still Living in Flagstaff?

Meri Brown | Instagram
By A. Elise

Meri Brown has had a publicly tense relationship with husband Kody Brown and some of her sister wives. The family, who appears on TLC's "Sister Wives," moved to Flagstaff Arizona in recent years, and Kody's wives left their Las Vegas cul-de-sac in pursuit of Kody's latest family vision.

While Meri did move to Flagstaff with the family, many of the show's fans believe that she may no longer live in Arizona. Did she move back to Las Vegas? Is she staying at her bed and breakfast in Utah?

Meri Brown
Meri Brown | Instagram

By the Brown family's own admission, their problems have been amplified since the big move. All four wives live far apart, which is quite different from the cul-de-sac situation the family used to have. Many of the wives have had to move into multiple houses since arriving in Arizona, and the entire family has complained about financial trouble.

Many of the family members have spoken negatively about the move, including some of the children. Meri was also negatively impacted by having to move from house to house once she arrived in Flagstaff. Some also allege that she is the member of the family who makes the most money.

Meri Brown posing outside
Meri Brown | Instagram

On social media, Meri has also posted about feeling homesick. She's also visited friends in Las Vegas multiple times and traveled around the country. In fact, many of her followers suspect that she is spending more time in Las Vegas than in Flagstaff.

If Meri is unhappy in Flagstaff, many viewers are not surprised. After all, Kody has admitted that he does not spend as much time with Meri as he does with his three other wives. They have been going to therapy to deal with their issues.

Robyn, Meri, Kody, Christine, and Janelle Brown
Janelle Brown | Instagram

Currently, Meri does have a property in Flagstaff. Seemingly, she does stay in the city on occasion. Some people suspect that she uses the house for filming and family events, but she may not spend the majority of her time there.

Traveling does seem to be a significant part of Meri's life. Her daughter lives in Chicago, she owns a property in Utah, and she has friends in Las Vegas. Meri certainly seems like the jet-setter of the Brown family wives.

Janelle, Meri, Christine, Kody, and Robyn Brown
Christine Brown | Instagram

There are also many viewers who believe that Meri is out of the family for good and is part of a facade for television. Some people have pointed to her cryptic Instagram post captions as evidence that she is trying live an independent life.

Meri has not made any public announcements about leaving the family, but she has spoken out about feeling that she does not have a place in the family anymore and does not know what her role is.

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