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Skai Jackson looks incredible in  this photo as she flashes her glamorous make-up.

Skai Jackson Uses Her Twitter Page To Put Teenage Racists On Display

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Skai Jackson is pulling off one of the biggest discoveries on Twitter and fans are loving it. The American actress took to her Twitter page at the beginning of the week, to shed light on the teenage racists on the app. She is officially holding the title for 'Queen of Teen Racists Can't Hide From Me!'

Many of the racist posts that she received were sent to her by her fans whose friends or classmates were careless enough to leave a text trail.

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An amazing photo showing Skai Jackson adorning in a pink dress and heel sandals as she poses for the camera.
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The trend began on June 4 when Jackson announced via Twitter that her fans should share racists posts with her privately, so she can post them for the world to see.

"If you know a racist, don't be shy! Tweet me the receipts." She said.

Again on Instagram, Jackson was moved with emotions at the dreadful and demeaning comments from racists all over social media. She later threatened that if anyone had the guts to say it, she would help to put them on a blast.

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At this point, racists should pray that their messages do not make it to Jackson's Twitter or Instagram page because a lot of eyes are on it.

Another tweet from Jackson on June 5, 2020 stated;

"I expose racist all day, everyday, 24/7, 10 days a week and opened all hours."

As soon as the tweet went out, it was met with hundreds of retweets, comments and likes. Her fans were hyped at the energy she was bringing to the timeline and her DMs was swamped with several submissions from fans.


Putting their comments on blast was not the only thing Jackson did on her social media page recently. She also tagged the schools of these teenagers, to inform them of the racist activities that the guilty kids were involved in.

Jackson's fans were filled with joy when some of these schools responded by saying that they will take immediate action.

"We do not condone discrimination, harassment or other forms of illegal mistreatment of others. We take all allegations brought to our attention seriously and investigate them to the fullest extent possible. This case is being handled by administration. Thank You." Rowan University responded.

Skai Jackson looks amazing in this red dress-jacket at an event.
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"Thank you for bringing this to our attention, we have reported it to admissions." The U.S. Air Force Academy replied to Jackson.

Many celebrities also spoke highly of Jackson in light of recent events and applauded her.

Furthermore, Jackson was overwhelmed at the number of DMs she received in days and she expressed this feeling in a tweet.

She said that her DMs on IG were filled and the messages kept coming in and she could not believe how ignorant people were in the world.

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