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Jennifer Love Hewitt Buys Peloton Bike To Overcome Riding Fears In Her 40s

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By Jacob Highley

Jennifer Love Hewitt just told the press that she is taking the time to learn how to ride a bike, and take time out of her at-home busy schedule to improve her health. The 41-year-old “The Client List” actress shared that her brand new Peloton bike is on the way and that she’s been enjoying the sunlight while she waits.

The “9-1-1” star also revealed that she has been learning to ride a bike with training wheels. Jennifer says this was due to having a bad first experience with bikes as a child.

A Bad Time

Jennifer Love Hewitt with brown hair
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During her interview on the “Inside of You” podcast on June 2, Hewitt took the time to detail exactly how she has never tried to ride a bike since her childhood after a "scarring" time with her stepdad.

Although she attributes her poor memories with bikes to her stepdad, she doesn’t think he was trying to give her such a rough time.

“He didn’t mean to but he kind of made me feel bad and not so bright for not being able to ride a bike and completely scarred me.”

Training Wheels

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To help face her fears and learn something that most 41-year-olds would have learned in their youth, Jennifer said she purchased a training bike: ““I just bought myself a Schwinn adult tricycle,”she said. “I have been riding it, I love it [and] I can’t wait to get my training wheels off.”

She went on to describe how her kids think it is “the funniest thing” watching their mother learning to ride a bike, while they themselves “just power on” around her.

A Hectic Routine

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Jennifer also took some time to discuss how this global pandemic has affected her family. While she may be an accomplished actress, she is also a homemaker and educator. She described spending 4 to 5 hours educating her daughter, having a few hours to help her son with school & making time for her husband, leaving little time for herself in many cases.

“I’ve been very hyperfocused on keeping them okay during this time and my husband okay during this time, that I have kind of not been as good to myself.”

Making Time For Herself

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After doing this over and over again, the “Garfield” movie star said that she finally couldn’t go on like that anymore. She continued by saying that the only way to support her daily routine was to make quality time for herself. Especially after she started experiencing “anxiety attacks”.

“...but I’ve got to give myself some space to take care of myself’” she said, “because I was starting to have really bad anxiety attacks again…”

Thankfully, Hewitt reports that she is doing much better and is eagerly awaiting trying out her new stationary workout bike.

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