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Jessica Simpson in the street

Jessica Simpson's Instagram Hijacked After 'Taking To My Knees In Prayer Time' Attracts Trump Supporters

Gettyimages | Raymond Hall
By Rebecca Cukier

Jessica Simpson's Instagram was hijacked last week, with over 560 likes left to a comment reading: "Unfollowing.... Trump 2020." The 39-year-old actress, singer, clothing designer, and "Open Book" author has not updated her account since #BlackoutTuesday honored murdered black man George Floyd early last week – while Jessica's emotional caption saw her 100% back Black Lives Matter, the comments section now sees the "Dukes of Hazzard" star seemingly slammed for a post that closed: "LOVE can do better." The comment "unfollowing" Jessica has also sparked over 840 replies.

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Prays 'God Will Deliver The Souls Of The Righteous'

Jessica Simpson poses with her husband
Jessica Simpson/Instagram

Jessica's post offered nothing visually. The blank, black square that dominated social media was all her 5.4 million Instagram followers saw, although the caption offered more, reading: "I have been taken to my knees in prayer time and again over these last days. I am listening to the testimonies crying out. I am hearing God’s anointed power in the hearts that are steadfast. I am hopeful that God will deliver the souls of the righteous who are crushed in spirit. I have resilient faith that anything hate can do, LOVE can do better. #BlackoutTuesday."

Black Consumers Thank Her, Others Not So Much

Jessica Simpson poses with her book
Jessica Simpson/Instagram

The response now comes as very mixed. Over 290 users liked a comment thanking Jessica "so much" – "as a black consumer of your products this speaks volumes," the fan wrote. A look at the comments section with four days having passed does, however, show an unprecedented level of negativity. Jessica was told to "Put your $$ where your prayers are" in a reply racking up over 120 likes, with a dubious responses praying for both businesses "destroyed by thugs" and "police injured" possibly going either way – it sits at 279 likes. Neither compared to the likes raked in over the Trump comment.

'Unfollowing.... Trump 2020'

Jessica Simpson walking through her home
Jessica Simpson/Instagram

The 840+ replies left to this comment, now the most liked, definitely brought in a two-way feel. In fact, it also brought in the original poster – as they found themselves slammed, they replied: "Send me your address so I can forward it to immigration and get you out of here." Separately, a remark garnering likes told Jessica: " Wow disappointed you’re getting political...I followed you for fun not preaching. Thugs probably not destroying your neighborhood. Unfollowing. Trump 2020."

People 'Trying To Come For Her' – Back-Up Arrives

Gettyimages | Raymond Hall

Jessica's fans did some seem entirely willing to let the backlash over her post go without commentary. One fan wrote: "All this woman is trying to do is give God the glory and pray that he works on the hearts and minds of others. And still there are people trying to come for her on social media. 😤😤 #SMDH."

Jessica marking #BlackoutTuesday saw her join a slew of celebrities going dark. They included the likes of Kim Kardashian and her family, Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce, Cardi B, and Jennifer Aniston.

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