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Jenelle Evans poses with her hair down

Jenelle Evans' 'Head Like A Jalapeño Pepper' Is Now Peoples' Phone Backgrounds

JE CosmeticsInstagram
By Rebecca Cukier

Jenelle Evans seems to have people thinking that her head is shaped like a jalapeño pepper. The former "Teen Mom 2" star – whose headline-making this month continues to be racism-centered – has popped up in a lighter-themed context, with a video of her "DOUBLE CHIN NO MORE" secret now seeing hundreds of users on Reddit upvote a comment about the 28-year-old's facial shape. Jenelle took to her Instagram ahead of the weekend to influence for the "SLIMEE", per Jenelle's spelling, face mask – the video is below.

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Her 'Secret' For Removing The 'Double Chin'

Jenelle Evans poses in profile for two photos
Jenelle Evans/Instagram

Scroll for the video, plus the rather amusing responses now seeing social networking platform Reddit poke a little fun at the ex MTV face – the comments themselves are far from the level of trolling, slamming, or body-shaming that Jenelle is sadly subject to on a regular basis. Jenelle was seen in a satin robe with wet hair as she applied the white face mask, also speaking into the camera. "So I'm back showing you one of the products I use from my beauty routine," Jenelle opened. She added that the mask is "going to get rid of my double chin" before posting before-and-after pics.

'Why Is Her Head Shaped Like A Jalapeño Pepper?

Jenelle Evans poses with her hair down
JE Cosmetics/Instagram

Over 220 users drove this comment up to the top of the Reddit thread. The Teen Mom/Teen Mom 2 subreddit comes with one dedicated fanbase, with over 180 upvotes left to a user posting this photo and writing: "I drew this! Jenelle as a Jalapeño." Unfortunately, this response did generate a trolling one as a fan wrote: "But this is a normal picture of her?" however the overall response opted out of shaming the star beyond the light-hearted comparison. "Thank you for this," one fan wrote, with another saying: "You won today!! This is my new phone background." The post also saw users suddenly crave jalapeño poppers.

More Serious Headlines Amid Racism Accusations

Jenelle Evans poses in yoga pants in a street
Jenelle Evans/Instagram

Jenelle has been fronting media outlets recently for defending herself amid accusations that she is racist. This comes in the wake of 46-year-old black man George Floyd's murder and Black Lives Matter – Jenelle defended not speaking out on the matter, then finding herself tied up in a storm as "Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant" star Ashley Jones dubbed Jenelle and husband David Eason "racist" – Ashley didn't hold back as she called the two "f-ing swamp creatures." Scroll for Jenelle's words on George Floyd.

Would 'Like For All The Racist Comments To Stop'

Jenelle Evans poses with two of her children
Jenelle Evans/Instagram

As The Blast documented on June 1, Jenelle posted to Facebook. "Well while all of you are rioting and destroying your precious cities, I'll be far far away on my boat away from all of you," she wrote. Since then, the star has addressed her Instagram followers, stating: "So there's a lot of articles being written about me and what I had to say about the situation that's occurring right now, the George Floyd situation," continuing:

"And I still don't think it's right that it happened. Again, sorry it happened but I want to show my DMs and what people are saying to me and you guys can form your own opinions on that."

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