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Demi Lovato ready to fight at the gym

Demi Lovato Beat Ronda Rousey In A Fight Last Week

Demi Lovato | YouTube
By Alyssa McCraw

Demi Lovato is a vocal powerhouse. But how far is that going to get her in a fight with a former UFC/current WWE powerhouse Ronda Rousey?

Lovato, 27, and Rousey, 33 were special guests on the new NBC show "Game On!" last Wednesday night.

Lovato was placed on Team Venus, which is led up by famed tennis pro Venus Williams, 39, and includes comedian Ian Karmel, 35.

Rousey was placed on Team Gronk, whose leader is NFL star Rob Gronkowski, 31, and includes comedian Bobby Lee, 48.

Throughout the episode, host Keegan-Michael Key, 49, took the teams through a series of funny physical challenges.

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No Big Winner Yet

Venus Williams, Demi Lovato, Keegan-Michael Key, Ronda Rousey, and Rob Gronkowski on the new CBS show "Game On!"
Gettyimages | CBS Photo Archive

Host Key incited a game to see who had the best tennis grunt, but there was a twist. He had a decibel meter, so the "best" tennis grunt had to be the loudest.

The two comedians faced off, as did their respective 'Venus' and 'Gronk' team leaders of their same name.

Lovato sat by smugly as her fellow competitors went after it.

At that point, Team Venus was in the lead - funnyman Karmel brought them in a score of over 100 decibels.

Next up was Rousey's round...

Demi Gets Some Backup

Demi Lovato playing a game on the new CBS show "Game On!"
Gettyimages | CBS Photo Archive

Rousey gave it a massive effort - she metered in at 99.7 decibels, just slightly below Karmel's score.

It all came down to Lovato.

The GRAMMY nominee looked confident as ever when she appeared center stage to give her screaming sample.

Lovato called on some friends to help: "Lovatics, let me hear you scream!" the singer said to the audience, whose big cheers boosted her score to a prize-winning level of 110.1 decibels.

"Lovatics" is the name Demi's fans gave themself as a group.

Lovato and Rousey might've been on different teams, but the world was just happy to see the pair together.

'Was Nice To Just Laugh And Escape All The Negativity!'

Keegan-Michael Key, Demi Loato, Ian Karmel, and Venus Williams playing a game on the new CBS show "Game On!"
Gettyimages | CBS Photo Archive

"ALRIGHT WEEK 2! GAME ON! WHOSE READY?!" one fan tweeted Wednesday, ahead of the show's second-ever episode. "I AM! WE GOT DEMI LOVATO AND RONDA ROUSEY!! THIS SHOULD BE GUD!! #GameOn"

"Ronda Rousey and Demi Lovato on #GameOn tonight!!! Why couldn’t they be on the same team😭😭😭 and all on Team Venus😭😭😭," another said on Twitter.

"@ddlovato @RondaRousey AND @RobGronkowski all on one episode of @gameon ... I wish it lasted longer than an hour!! Was nice to just laugh and escape all the negativity for a while!" another tweet read after the show.

'A Nice Distraction'

Rob Gronkowski, Ronda Rousey, Bobby Lee, Keegan-Michael Key, Demi Lovato, Ian Karmel, and Venus Williams playing a game on the new CBS show "Game On!"
Gettyimages | CBS Photo Archive

Viewers were very happy to see some lighthearted entertainment come their way after such a heavy few weeks.

"I just watched "Game On! - Ronda Rousey & Demi Lovato" [S01E02] #iShowsTV ⁦@RobGronkowski⁩ vs ⁦@Venuseswilliams⁩. Whoever wins the show is so fun! A nice distraction. Great idea, ⁦@KeeganMKey⁩!" someone wrote.

"@gameon is my new guilty pleasure, needed the laughs... loved this week @ddlovato @RondaRousey #gameon," a third [added](@gameon is my new guilty pleasure, needed the laughs... loved this week @ddlovato @RondaRousey #gameon) on Wednesday.

You can catch the full episode of "Game On!" below!

Keep reading to see how Demi's training to follow in Rousey's footsteps!!!

Demi's A Blue Belt Fighter!

Demi Lovato shows off her new blue belt
Demi Lovato | SnapChat

Lovato has been a longtime fan of Rousey's fighting abilities. The "Cool For The Summer" songstress herself is a blue belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, which she trains in for its health/wellness benefits. She also trains for self-defense, so don't mess with her.

In her album "Confident," Lovato makes mention to the famed UFC champ on a song called "Stars" with the line: Knock 'em all out, Beat 'em like Rousey.

The two had a sweet Twitter exchange after it released:

Check out the "Stars" and their messages below!

Ronda Rousey Loves The Shoutout On 'Confident'

A Twitter interaction from October 2015, where famed fighter Ronda Rousey thanks Demi Lovato for mentioning her in the then-new song "Stars.""  Lovato replied, saying Rousey was one of the most #CONFIDENT women she knows.
Demi Lovato | Twitter

"Really honored to have @ddlovato include me in the lyrics of her song #Stars in her new album #Confident #nowplayingconfident," Rousey wrote in October 2015.

Demi hit her back (on Twitter) too:

"I had to give a shout out to one of the most #CONFIDENT women I know!! ❤️🙌🏼 @RondaRousey"

The day before their little back-and-forth, Lovato had posted another tweet about the Rousey nod:

"I love the line about @RondaRousey, I had to shout her out bc she truly represents women empowerment #NowPlayingCONFIDENT,"

🥊Listen to "Stars" below! 🥊

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