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Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo embracing

Jinger Duggar & Jeremy Vuolo Are Starting a Podcast

Jinger Vuolo | Instagram
By A. Elise

Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo, stars of TLC's "Counting On," have taken to social media to announce a new project they are working on: a podcast. While Jinger has graced television screens for years as part of the infamous Duggar family in shows like "19 Kids and Counting," she seems to be branching out with her husband into a new venture.

Jinger and Jeremy moved with their young daughter, Felicity, to Los Angeles in recent years. Since then, the two have made social media part of their personal brand.

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Jinger and Jeremy walking under umbrella
Jinger Vuolo | Instagram

Since moving to Los Angeles, Jinger and Jeremy have worked to establish their own brand on Instagram. They have done things differently since the early days of their marriage. In fact, Jinger was one of the first Duggar girls to begin wearing pants.

Jeremy and Jinger recently revamped their website to focus more on their personalities instead of on their religion. They also cleaned up their social media and announced that they are having their second daughter this fall. All of this preceded the announcement of a new show.

Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo embracing under a tree
Jinger Vuolo | Instagram

While Jeremy and Jinger used to post pictures of food and restaurant outings, they have paid much more attention to curating the perfect image for their upcoming ventures.

Jinger and Jeremy announced on their social media that they would be making an announcement. Some speculated they might be moving away from Los Angeles, but instead they announced their new podcast: The Hope We Hold.

The new podcast will be released each Wednesday and will offer advice and information about the world and its issues from a Biblical point of view.

Jinger, Jeremy, and Felicity Vuolo
Jinger Vuolo | Instagram

The new podcast was announced on June 5 and will also focus on Jinger and Jeremy's daily lives. It will also emphasize the way they use religion to guide their decisions. Fans will be able to ask questions and connect with the couple.

Reception has been mixed about the podcast. Many who are skeptical of the couple have pointed to videos in which they declare Jeremy speaks over Jinger as evidence that the podcast may not go as the couple plans.

Jinger Vuolo doing a puzzle
Jinger Vuolo | Instagram

Many people were not surprised that Jinger and Jeremy were announcing a new project. This is especially the case after they have rebranded their image and tried to push themselves as the Duggar family members who are more "urban."

The couple will appear on "Counting On" in the coming season according to the trailers for the show, which airs again on June 30. It is likely to show the couple's pregnancy announcement as well as some of the events in their life since moving to Los Angeles.

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