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A photo showing Kanye West crouching on a colorful stage with several designs and drawings and he has a microphone in his hand.

Kanye West Gets Slammed For Being Two-Faced After The Protest In Chicago

Gettyimages | Timothy Norris
By Adegoke Favour

Kanye West has been low key for many months now, not that he would not trend online if he wanted to. The rapper probably had a lot of things on his plate, with the ongoing pandemic. However, anyone who knows West, knows that he does not stay in the shadows for too long, as he is bound to come out of the woods when the time is right-- or not right.

Recently, West became a trending topic on social media as fans and critics accused him of being two-faced.

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A lovely photo of Kanye West in the midst of his die-hard fans and his index finger is pointed to the sky.
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The entrepreneur joined in the Black Lives Matter protest that took place in Chicago recently, but even this gesture was not enough to sway many people.

West's campaign no doubt turned into a laughing stock after several online users made unending jobs about it. Some of them even noted that the rapper forgot to bring his MAGA hat to the parade, which was not so nice of him.

Although there were exchanges of banter online, it was obvious that many could not stand what the rapper was representing.


Over the years, West has openly campaigned and shown his allegiance to the President of the United States, Donald Trump. In the past also, West has made some scathing remarks on social media about the black history and as expected, it was received with unpleasantness.

Due to these past events and open love for President Donald Trump, people believe that whatever the rapper does, does not have to count because he is clearly on the other side. It is one thing not to understand what people of color are going through, but it is another thing to know and not see it.

A photo showing Kanye West dressed in a blue two-piece suit and white inner T-shirt and he has a fierce look on his face.
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West may have all the money he needs in life, but since he took a step back on his music career, he has followed another scary path. In May 2018, West had an interview with TMZ. It was going to be a swell time becaue a lot of people were watching and many wanted to know and hear what he had to say.

One thing led to another, and West concluded that the blacks in the olden days who were subjected to slavery, did so, because they made the choice to.

An amazing photo of Kanye West shot during a live performance.
Wikimedia |,_Netherlands_-_June_15.jpg

West may not have known the gravity of what he had said, but before the day ran out, he definitely knew what he had done. An employee of TMZ known as Van Lathan could not stand what the rapper insinuated on air and he called him out for it immediately. He told West how irritated and disappointed he was that he could say such a thing.

Furthermore, when President Tump resumed office, he officially invited West to the White House. On getting there, the rapper had on a MAGA hat and he revealed that he felt a special kind of power with the hat on.

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