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Halle Berry at a talk show

Halle Berry's Ripped Shirt Meditation Shines Light On Instagram's Darkest Hours

Getty Images/NBC
By Rebecca Cukier

Halle Berry brought some much-needed light to Instagram today as a week of turmoil, protests, and the platform's #BlackoutTuesday wraps up. The 53-year-old Oscar winner delivered her #FitnessFriday post without a specific mention of murdered black man George Floyd or Black Lives Matter, however her captioned "it's ok not to be ok right now" made it clear – Halle was referring to 46-year-old Floyd's murder at the hands of former white police officer Derek Chauvin and the resulting unrest that now sees riots and protests sweeping the U.S.

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'It's Ok Not To Be Ok Right Now'

Halle Berry lying in bed
Halle Berry/Instagram

Scroll for the photo that clocked Halle over 30,000 likes in under an hour. It follows a series of posts from the "Catwoman" star – alongside going dark for #BlackoutTuesday earlier this week, Halle has shared a #SayTheirNames photo honoring the many black lives lost at the hands of police brutality. Today's image marked Halle's first photographed return to Instagram since Floyd's death. The zen vibe reached out to her 6.2 million followers – a lengthy caption also included the star's recent Women's Health Mag profiling, plus her Re-Spin fitness brand.

'Breathe' Because You 'Deserve' It

Halle Berry meditating outdoors
Halle Berry/Instagram

Snapped outdoors amid foliage, Halle was looking peaceful as she sat cross-legged in a simple pair of black yoga pants and a sleeveless shirt with three ripped panels. Light poured across Halle as she closed her eyes and found her peace – meanwhile, a caption opened:

"I want to say this unequivocally because I’m sure you’ve already heard it - It’s ok to not be ok right now. While it’s imperative to stand up and to let your voice be heard, it is also ok to laugh, to smile, to hug and to self-soothe." Keep scrolling for more photos.

Ploughing Through Dark Times With Hope

Halle Berry poses with a food dish
Halle Berry/Instagram

Halle – who gained approximately 100,000 followers last month – continued to say that she has been honoring Instagram's #FitnessFriday "without fail" for two years – today's post was, however, tweaked towards peace over hardcore fitness as the actress continued: "My meditative practice is my way to remain strong and centered for myself as well as my children when things are overwhelming. I hope that everyone will take a moment today to breathe - you deserve it." The "re-spinning" of one's "mind and body" gave a nod to Halle's brand.

Instagram Says 'God Bless You'

Halle Berry poses on grass
Halle Berry/Instagram

Early responses largely sent Halle nothing love. "Thank you for your beautiful thoughts!" one fan wrote, also calling the mom of two an "inspiration." While another called Halle an "amazing woman," a third said: "Thank you for this 🙏🏾 It’s been an emotional roller coaster of a year," with a fourth simply writing: "God bless you."

Halle had promised a guided meditation in partnership with the magazine. The Women's Health Mag tagging was, however, unappreciated by one fan – they felt that any form of brand promo is "not the time" right now.

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