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Dayna Kathan and Scheana Shay are seen on 'Vanderpump Rules.'

'Vanderpump Rules' Star Scheana Shay Claims Dayna Kathan Wanted To Hook Up With Her Best Friend Janet

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By Lindsay Cronin

Scheana Shay and Dayna Kathan feuded on and off on the eighth season of "Vanderpump Rules" after Dayna seemingly took interest in a number of past flames of Scheana's. However, one particular person that Dayna took interest in was someone who caught everyone off-guard.

During an appearance on the "Pump Rules: After Show", Scheana opened up about the moment she learned from her co-star, Stassi Schroeder, that Dayna was hoping to have a threesome with her longtime female friend, a woman named Janet.

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Stassi Schroeder Gave Scheana Marie The Dirt

Scheana Shay attends the 'Fantasy Island' premiere.
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Recalling her past conversation with Stassi, Scheana explained that her co-star felt it was important she knew what was going on between Dayna and her friend Janet.

"[Stassi] was like, 'Scheana, I know you're a good person and you want to see the best in everyone and I feel bad because people walk all over you, just like I make fun of you, but at the end of the day, I know you and Janet are really close and you need to know that this girl is talking about having a threesome with Dayna and Max," Scheana shared.

Dayna Kathan Took A Liking To Scheana Shay's Leftovers During 'Vanderpump Rules' Season Eight

Dayna Kathan is seen on 'Watch What Happens Live.'
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Scheana initially took the news as a joke but later learned that it wasn't.

"I'm like, 'Okay. First, Dayna, you got my leftovers with Max, one of the only people I've been interested in since my divorce. Then, you want to move on with my best friend. My girl best friend. You guys have a thing. Her and Max breakup or whatever, stop hooking up, her and Janet have a little flirtation thing and that doesn't work out. Then you go with [Brett],'" Scheana noted.

Scheana Shay Wants Dayna Kathan To Get Her Own People

Scheana Shay attends the Vanderpump Dogs Foundation Gala.
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According to Scheana, she wants Dayna to date someone who she has a history with.

"I'm like, 'Get your own people. Why are you picking every single person [from my life],'" she wondered.

As for Charli Burnett, she believes that Dayna's decision to take an interest in Scheana's exes and friend was the result of her being "thirsty."

"She wants attention. She seems like that girl that's like, you know, you break up with a guy that you're kind of talking to, and she goes behind your back and f**ks him."

Charli Burnett Believes Dayna Kathan Is 'Thirsty'

Stassi Schroeder and Dayna Kathan are seen at TomTom.
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Charli also pointed out that Dayna was one of the "h**s" seen with Peter Madrigal, Jax Taylor, and other cast members at the Mondrian during the seventh season of "Vanderpump Rules" because she was "thirsty."

To see more of Scheana, Dayna, and their co-stars, don't miss the second installment of the virtual "Vanderpump Rules" reunion special for season eight, which was taped from each cast member's home in Los Angeles in May, on Tuesday, June 9, at 9 p.m. on Bravo.

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