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‘Teen Mom: Young + Pregnant’ Ashley Jones Slams Jenelle Evans For Racial Slurs, Promoting Hate

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By Ona L

Ashley Jones has had enough of Jenelle Evans and her “racist” husband David Eason. The “Teen Mom: Young + Pregnant” star called out the couple in a shocking video this week over racist remarks they have made in the past and their lack of support during this time of unrest. Jones’ video shared why she has absolutely no sympathy for Evans. “You can post messages from 2019 acting like we’re all cool. You sit by your husband while he talks a ton of s**t about women, race, LGBTQ, etc.,” began the video posted on her Instagram page.

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Ashley's Rant Was Explicit And Intense

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The rant got even more intense as Jones likened Evans to a “Karen” or a “Becky”. “You’re the bitch that follows a motherfucker off the freeway, pulls a gun on them, fs up their shit and then calls and lies to the police. You’re the bitch that says ‘oh I have a black friend so I can’t be racist.’” The mom of one went on to share some of the language that was used against her and other cast members who spoke about racism in the past. “Any time I say anything I’m a black, nr, monkey bitch. Any time Cheyenne [Floyd] address this, she’s a black nr monkey bitch. Kayla [Sessler] was called a nr lover, Lexi [Tatman] was called a n***r lover and we all stand on what we stand for, we all spoke up for what was right.”

The Y+ P Star Refused To Give Jenelle A Pass

Ashley and Bar doing an IG live
@ashletsiren Instagram

Jones was sick of listening to Evans complain about being the most hated cast member when, quite frankly, she did it to herself. “So, take that scripted ass thing and re-write it, and come back and tell it to a b***h whose gonna peep that bullshit,” she stated, powerfully. The 23-year old was not finished there she continued to roast Evans and her husband, reprimanding the young woman for not shutting her husband up since she claimed to be so concerned about basic human rights. I know you not telling David to not be racist, homophobic, or anything else under the sun that he is. I know you guys are one in the same that’s why he’s your husband, b***h.”

Bar Jumped Into The Conversation

Jenelle and David  at an event
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The reality TV star, who likes to joke about Evans and Eason property being located in a swamp eventually said most of what she wanted to say. But before signing off, she swiftly addressed the former cast member about tagging her in videos and posts. “That’s why y’all over there on a swamp looking like f**g swamp creatures. Bh, you must have woke up on the wrong side of the bed don’t at me about shit else bitch. Jones’ on again/off again boyfriend Bariki “Bar” Smith had a few words for Evans as well.

Evans Attempted To Rectify Her Mistakes

Jenelle crying doing an IG live
@j_evans1219 Instagram

He replied directly to the problematic reality star, “WE STAND ON WHAT WE SAID,” stated the 22-year-old. “They stand for straight bulls–t, now you want to try and promote black businesses all over your story and sharing the 10 [direct messages] you got.” Smith was referring to sudden appearance of black business’ being promoted on Evans social media pages and the Instagram post that explained why she wasn’t supporting people of color throughout this whole ordeal. “I’m not racist by any means, and I do not condone what that police officer did to George Floyd,” shared the 28-year-old. “And I am very sorry that happened. With this being said, I would like for all the racist comments to stop being sent to my inbox, and I would appreciate it if you guys would stop calling me a racist because I haven’t [spoken] out yet.” Evans continuously Catches flack for her tone-deaf posts and the actions of her intense husband, this is just another day for the former reality TV star.

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