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Charli Burnett photographed candidly

'Vanderpump Rules:' Charli Burnett Speaks Out Against Misogynistic Comment Made By Jax Taylor

Gettyimages | Bravo
By Chris Barilla

Since Charli Burnett became a regular cast member on 'Vanderpump Rules,' she has been regularly going at it with veteran star Jax Taylor.

Taylor, who has claimed adamantly​ that 'Vanderpump Rules' is "his show," has feuded with Burnett on and off since she joined the program. Now, with the conclusion of Season 8 here, it appears that tensions between the two are boiling over, causing a heated social media exchange based on the sentiments shared during the show's reunion special.

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Taylor, who has notoriously shown a dislike for all-new​ cast members of the hit reality show, got into an argument with Burnett after she made a comment about his age. Taylor turned 40 during filming, and clearly, the topic of his age was a sore subject, as he fired back at Burnett quite candidly afterward.

While the show aired, Taylor tweeted a message to fans about Burnett that many construed as heavily misogynistic, suggesting she would not have a career without him.

Charli Burnett poses for photographers
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"Last time [I] checked, 50-year-old men are the only reason that chic can survive in this town, know your role sweetie. Don’t throw rocks in glass houses," the 'Vanderpump Rules' mainstay tweeted out about his younger costar, inciting a response from her and many fans that jumped to the defense

"Mean people get treated mean, nice people get nice," Burnett started off her statement firing back at the comments made by Taylor online, saying that insinuation that her career is nothing without people like him is invalid.

Jax Taylor poses for photographers
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"I have tons of respect for everyone on the show. You though, generalizing women’s roles and income sources in 2020 during an equality movement is why I don’t have respect for your arrogant a**. And, I’m not your sweetie," she concluded her firey response to the long time reality star.

Of course, many fans came to Burnett's defense, calling out Taylor for his history of actions that fans have disagreed with, as well as expressing that she is the individual on the show that they resonate with.

Charli Burnett poses for photographers
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"Jax is honestly just a sorry excuse of a human being​ like I know it’s wrong to say that but it’s the truth," one user commented about the situation.

Another clearly passionate fan chimed in with more words of encouragement for Burnett, saying, "Absolutely girl, you are amazing, you tell him you’ve got fans and Jason has nothing left going for him, he’s old and old news. He’s awful and you’re not. Call em’ how you see em. I want more of you on the show."

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