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Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz attend a Star magazine event.

Katie Maloney And Tom Schwartz Reveal Why They Didn't Have Sex In Their New House Right Away

Gettyimages | Tibrina Hobson
By Lindsay Cronin

Katie Maloney and her husband, Tom Schwartz, who tied the knot for a second time during "Vanderpump Rules" season eight appeared on the "After Show" earlier this week and during the appearance, the two of them discussed one of their early moments together at their new home in the Valley Village neighborhood of Los Angeles, California.

Looking back, Katie recalled a moment in which Tom surprised her by filling their dining room with balloons and preparing a home-cooked meal in an effort to set the mood for the two of them to have sex in their new place for the first time.

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Tom Schwartz Doesn't Understand Katie Maloney's Fish Preferences

Tom Schwartz and Katie Maloney are seen at SUR Restaurant.
Gettyimages | Tibrina Hobson

"[It was] romantic as sh*t," Katie gushed.

Although Katie acknowledged that Tom's chosen fish for the dinner wasn't nearly her favorite, Tom said he was unaware that his wife wasn't a tilapia fan.

"I didn't know she didn't like tilapia," Tom admitted to his producers during the interview. "Who doesn't like tilapia? That's, like, a universally-liked fish."

Katie also doesn't like mahi, which is something Tom also recently made for her.

"He made mahi, which is, like, my least favorite fish food ever. I do not like mahi at all," she shared.

Katie Maloney And Tom Schwartz Didn't Get Intimate After Dinner

Katie Maloney gets a hug from Tom Schwartz.
Gettyimages | Rachel Murray

After one of her "Vanderpump Rules" co-stars suggested that Katie and Tom likely had sex, despite the fish mishap, Katie confirmed that they actually did not, explaining that they had also had "spicy chicken" with their meal.

As Katie shared, the chicken was way too spicy for her husband and after he began guzzling water in an attempt to combat the heat he was experiencing, he began to sweat.

"[He was] killing our date night vibe," Katie said of Tom's reaction to the chicken.

Tom Schwartz Explains His Wild Reaction To The Spicy Chicken

Tom Schwartz and Katie Maloney visit the Bravo Clubhouse.
Gettyimages | Bravo

According to Tom, the spicy chicken he included in their romantic meal wasn't just any chicken. It was from Dave's Hot Chicken in The Valley.

"It's really hot and it's good, but it's not sexy," he admitted. "I was sweating everywhere. Maybe once you're having sex being sweaty is kind of hot, but going into sex already sweaty is really gross."

Tom then joked that because of all his sweaty parts, their night came to an abrupt end.

"I'm definitely not doing a whipped-cream bikini now," he added.

Tom Schwartz's Dinner Date Was A Major Fail

Tom Schwartz is seen behind the bar.
Gettyimages | Astrid Stawiarz

Katie then noted that while her and Tom's night together was almost enough to warrant some love making, their dinner ultimately turned sour due to the spicy chicken.

"It went from being ... almost romantic, could have gone that direction to being, like, really not a sexy time because it was, like, spicy chicken, sweaty," she said.

To see more of Katie, Tom, and their co-stars, don't miss part two of the three-part "Vanderpump Rules" season eight reunion special, which was filmed virtually from the casts' homes in Los Angeles in May, on Tuesday, June 9, at 9 p.m. on Bravo.

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