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Chelsea Houska poses for a photo

Chelsea Houska Stuns Bare-Legged After Thousands Unfollow Her In 'Privilege' Storm

Chelsea Houska/Instagram
By Rebecca Cukier

Chelsea Houska has not posted to her Instagram since marking #BlackoutTuesday, when she was already making headlines for having fans unfollow her amid accusations her "privilege" was "showing." The 28-year-old reality star's storm began last Saturday with a cute shorts and blazer photo seeing her dubbed tone-deaf in the wake of black man George Floyd's murder. Chelsea, best known for her ongoing "Teen Mom 2" gig has appeared in stunning new photos shared to Laurie Karlson's Instagram – if you see Chelsea in those stylish Lauribelles clothing looks, Laurie is the lady who founded the label.

Losing 5,000 Followers Over 'Your Privilege Is Showing'

Chelsea Houska poses with a shake on a porch
Chelsea Houska/Instagram

Scroll for the photos appearing on Thursday. As to the storm – that some felt was unfair targeting – it saw Chelsea's 5.7 million followers drop by an estimated 5,000 in just a few days. Comments centering around it are further down. Meanwhile, yesterday's snaps showed Chelsea enjoying a little girl time with her squad – and they seemed to be having fun. A grass-set image (below) with Chelsea getting a piggy-back showed off the redhead's stunning tan pins in a bare-legged look as she looked drop-dead gorgeous in an oversized sweater.

She's Part Of The 'Ride Or Die'

Chelsea Houska with friends outdoors
Laurie Karlson/Instagram

Also included in the uploads, was a snuggled-up blanket image of the ladies wrapping up their night – "Much needed gil's night. My heart is so full when these chicks are around," Laurie had written. The girls were also seen posing by an ATV, with Chelsea throwing out a fun hand gesture – "My ride or dies," Laurie's caption read.

Chelsea has not deleted the photo still seeing "USE YOUR PLATFORM FOR GOOD. The fact that you are staying silent says A LOT" top the comments – the reply sits at 666 likes.

Told 'Way To Use Your Platform'

Chelsea Houska poses in shorts and a jacket
Chelsea Houska/Instagram

As The Blast documented shortly after the post went live, Chelsea was sent compliments by many including co-star Kailyn Lowry, but negativity dominated amid 46-year-old George Floyd's murder. ""So you literally aren't going to say anything?" one user asked. ""Disappointed and unfollowed," another had said, with the star being told her silence was "deafening." Also mentioned was Chelsea having supported LGBTQ rights in the past as fans compared the Itzy Ritzy partner's past activism to what was, at the time, a silence. Chelsea did, however, break that silence while the storm was still erupting. Her fans weren't quite quick enough to spot it.

Chelsea Breaks Silence, Goes Dark For #BlackoutTuesday

Chelsea Houska shares a message about George Floyd
Chelsea Houska/Instagram

Chelsea was still getting slammed when she took to her stories over the weekend to write: ""My heart is absolutely broken for George Floyd and his family. We need to do better." The mom to Aubree, Watson, and Layne then shared the above message before joining countless celebrities on #BlackoutTuesday via a plain black square with "Listening, learning, praying #blackouttuesday" as her caption. While many, at the time, agreed with "Your privilege is showing," back-up did arrive – "Wow you’re really making a difference, sitting on Instagram. 😂 it’s a shame she hasn’t spoke up, but you’re not any better sitting here on Instagram when you could be out trying to make a change like everybody else," one user wrote.

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