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‘Mean Girls’: What Are These Ladies Are Earning Nowadays

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By Favour

In 2004, fans got the opportunity to experience a unique kind of teen comedy and drama on the screens, titled “Mean Girls.” The franchise went beyond the expectations of fans and critics and till date, it is still considered to be one of the best in the industry.

Taken from the title, the main cast was anything but sweet, especially to people who they saw as rivals. The film portrayed the lifestyle of many teenagers who want control of their lives and others around them.

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An amazing photo showing Lacy Chabert in a white long-sleeve jacket and black dress and she looks amazing.
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The cast of “Mean Girls” are nothing like what they used to be. Let’s find out their net worths.

Lacy Chabert

She played the role of Gretchen Wieners in the movie, a loyal sidekick to Regina. She played the role so well that viewers loved and admired her for it. The “Party Of Five” star has been on to a lot of things over the years.

She has a record of over 150 credits from animation and live projects and that is just impressive. Presently, Chabert is worth an estimated sum of $4 million.

An amazing photo showing Lindsay Lohan in a knee-length white dress and heel sandals to match.
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Lindsay Lohan

She had already become a star before acting in the teen comedy.” Lohan began her acting journey as a child and appeared in several amazing movies. She played the role of Cady Heron and if anything, Lohan was the most vicious of the girls.

One of her statements in the film goes this:

“I know I may seem like a btch, that that’s only because I’m acting like a btch.”

After the film, Lohan progressed in her acting career and now has a whooping net worth calculated at $8 million.

A lovely photo of Amanda Seyfried adorning in a red two-piece suit and her smile is breath-taking.
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Amanda Seyfried

She played the role of Karen Smith in the film. She once asked Cady how she is white, since she came from Africa. Talk about sassy!

On Seyfried’s part, she gave a profound delivery of comedy and in every word she said and every action she made. For many fans, it was like watching her in real life; that was how amazing her cast was. After the three-part film ended, Seyfried moved on to other projects and amassed a huge fan base. Presently, her net worth is estimated at $10 million.

A photo showing Rachel McAdams interacting with her fans on the street and she looks gorgeous.
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Rachel McAdams

She played Regina George in the franchise and she was definitely not one to be messed with. “You can go shave your back now,” was the response she gave to a boy who was trying to look impressive with flirtatious comments.

Fans were amazed at McAdams’ acting skills in this film, trust by the time they watched “Wedding Crashers” they were already head over heels in love with her.

Other amazing projects that the actress featured in include; The Time Traveler’s Wife, The Notebook, About Time and so on.

Of all the cast of “Mean Girls,” this 41-year-old actress has the highest net worth calculated at $16 million.

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