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Jessie J Spells Out Pride Alphabets On Instagram & Fans Feel The Love

Jessie J / Instagram
By Rima Pundir

British singer-songwriter Jessie J recently took to Instagram to post a slew of pictures supporting the Black Lives Matter hashtag and fans are appreciating her for it. But what made even more of an impact are the "Pride" alphabets she shared on Thursday, and the LGBTQ+ world is happy to have her as a voice for them. Jessie J once identified as a bisexual at a time when it was a wild idea but in 2014, she renounced her bisexuality, calling it a phase.

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Presenting, The Alphabet Of Pride

Jessie J's Pride Alphabets
Jessie J / Instagram

On Thursday, June 4, Jessie J took to Instagram to share her post that not only identified and "defined" LGBTQ, further than most people know it and did it so well, fans poured in their love in comments. Said one, "You are the BEST role model. thank you for always speaking up on everything that truly matters." Along with writing "pride is every day", Jessie J also wrote, "be who you are and love who you want to love".

Foot Fetish + Racist Police

Jessie J photographed by Brian Ziff
Jessie J / Instagram

While she seems to love sharing feet pic for fans who have a foot fetish, like the one above, which she captioned as "This will be added on my wiki feet in 3...2..."; Jessie J is pretty serious about Black Lives Matter. She also recently shared a video, listing out "Men and women who have lost lives in the hands of racist police". She continued, "I have spent the past week educating myself the best I can. I will never know what it is like to wake up in fear for my life or my rights. Simply typing that is a privilege. Listening is key. Really listening." Here's the video...

Jessie J Calls Prince EA's Video 'Incredible'

Jessie J in a makeup free selfie
Jessie J / Instagram

First a bisexual, then not, Jessie J, whose actual name is Jessica Ellen Cornish, was earlier dating singer Luke James though the relationship fizzled out in 2015. Since 2018, Jessie J has been dating Channing Tatum in a now-they-are-now-they-aren't kind of relationship, but the 32-year-old "Bang Bang" singer has all the time in the world to "settle down", as they say, and seems to be in no rush whatsoever. For now, Jessie J has a message for her fans, and it's by Prince EA, and it says, we have to stop the same story, the same channel from happening again. Watch.

Fans Want To Be Her Amazon Box

This is how Jessie J looks, when she cleans!
Jessie J / Instagram

When she's not being this serious, on matters on which everyone should be serious, Jessie J goes about cleaning her house down with antibacterial wipes and calling her Amazon Box names. In a recent picture shared on Instagram, Jessie J captioned her house cleaning pic as, "The view my amazon box sees when I’m wiping it down with an antibacterial wipe. “You like that don’t you. You dirty little box”. Fans commented that they'd love to be that Amazon Box, right now.

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