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Why Jennifer Aniston & Julia Dreyfus Are 'Happy' To Sell Their Nude Portraits

Jennifer Aniston / Instagram
By Rima Pundir

Jennifer Aniston not only showed her middle finger to COVID-19 last month, asking it to "kindly f**ck off now", but she's doing all that she can to raise monies for much-needed aid and relief. Acclaimed photographer Mark Seliger has decided to put up 25 prints of famous talents on auction, and 100% of the monies generated will be going to COVID-19 relief charities. With the world getting grim by the moment, there are few pinpricks of light around, such as these. Among the other talents, there is Brad Pitt, Leonardo Di Caprio, Oprah Winfrey, and many more...

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Fans Go Nuts Over Julia Dreyfus' Butt Dimples

Julia Dreyfus photographed by Mark Selinger
Mark Selinger / Instagram

Quite a stunner, right? Who knew Julia Louis-Dreyfus was hiding such magnificence under all those clumpy clothes in "Seinfeld"? This is one of the portraits so being auctioned off by Mark Selinger for COVID-19 relief charities, and are up on RADArt4Aid’s website, ably helped by Christie's auctions. Fans were smitten by Dreyfus' pic, and wrote, "And she has wee dimples above her bum which makes her all the more a super hero. I love this shot and what it means!" Here's what Mark Selinger had to say...

Jennifer Aniston's Iconic Shot During 'Friends'

Jennifer Aniston photographed by Mark Selinger
Mark Selinger / Instagram

Jennifer Aniston promoted the auction of her photo as well, writing on Instagram, "My dear friend @markseliger teamed up with @radvocacy and @christiesinc to auction 25 of his portraits - including mine ☺️- for COVID-19 relief... 100% of sales proceeds of this portrait will go to @NAFClinics, an organization which provides free coronavirus testing and care nationwide to the medically underserved." To this, Jennifer Garner replied with a "thank you", and Rita Wilson said, "beautiful photo. beautiful babe". Behind that beautiful body of Jennifer Aniston, there definitely is one big, beautiful heart.

Tom Hanks Aped The Look Well

Tom Hanks photographed by Mark Selinger
Mark Selinger / Instagram

This Tom Hanks portrait, with ape hands scratching his head instead of his own, is also part of the collection being auctioned off for charity, and it is with this very photograph that Mark Selinger wished both Hanks and Rita Wilson a speedy recovery when they contracted COVID-19. Tom Hanks has also gone ahead, along with Rita, and donated plasma for antibody cultivation used to treat further patients afflicted by this pandemic. For him to further be a part of charitable contribution for this disease is just Hanks being his usual generous self.

Brad Pitt Rides On...

Brad Pitt photographed by Mark Selinger
Mark Selinger / Instagram

With Jennifer Aniston being part of this, can Brad Pitt be far behind? They may get back, or they may not, and perhaps, their love has reached its expiry date. But the lives of Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt may just remain irrevocably intertwined, with Pitt also being part of this COVID-19 relief effort. His portrait is no nudie though, in fact, its a rather manly one with him riding a motorcycle, rather, 'intensely'... Which of the 25 portraits will earn the most? We'll know on June 12...

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