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Lyna Perez poses for photo

Lyna Perez Lights Up Instagram In Ripped Bikini From A Hot Tub

Lyna Perez/Instagram
By Rebecca Cukier

Lyna Perez straight-up set Instagram on fire earlier this week. The Instagram model whose bio reads: "I literally live in a bikini" put her money where her mouth is as she stripped down to some seriously tiny swimwear – and she didn't do it for free. Lyna, followed by 5.1 million on Instagram, is now part of the Bang Energy promo crowd also seeing Arizona-based bombshell Hannah Palmer plug the beverages. Lyna, who shares next-to-nothing about herself on her IG, did, however, share plenty in her Monday video.

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'I Literally Live In A Bikini' – Checks Out

Lyna Perez poses in a bikini
Lyna Perez/Instagram

Scroll for the video that's now clocked the fiesty star over 278,000 views. If you don't live inside Perez's Instagram, the Miami-born bombshell rarely delivers an update without her trademark bikini – sheer tops have, however, proven a popular replacement of late. As to the video, it showed Lyna outdoors, sasashying her smokeshow curves as she walked towards a hot tub, and eventually getting soaked while flaunting her stunning curves in a tiny pair of red string bikini bottoms paired with a neon, multi-color, and slightly ripped Bang Energy top. It didn't leave much to the imagination.

Tops Quarter Of A Million Views

Lyna Perez poses in shorts and an open jacket
Lyna Perez/Instagram

Lyna, whose miniscule bikini was likely the focal point for her fans, had nonetheless done a good job promoting Bang Energy – she was seen sipping from a can, also holding one in clear view as she descended pool steps with her eye-popping curves and the bikini's cheeky thong finish getting flashed. A caption read: "Pool days during the quarantine just hit different especially with @bangenergy🔥 Apparel by @BangRevolution.Apparel follow the inventor @BangEnergy.CEO #BangEnergy #energydrink."

Note, Lyna did go dark for #BlackoutTuesday in support of Black Lives Matter and murdered black man George Floyd. Scroll for more videos.

Promoting Band Energy – What's It Earning Her?

Lyna Perez poses with a lollipop in shorts
Lyna Perez/Instagram

No #ad was used in the video, however Lyna was delivering your standard Instagram influencing, with it largely accepted that IG faces receive some kind of payment or goods in exchange for their shout-out. Experts over at Vox broke down potential earnings:

"Influencers with up to 1 million followers can get $10,000 [per post], depending on the platform, and 1 million followers and up, you’re getting into territory where they can charge $100,000. Some can even get $250,000 for a post!"

Big Fan Of 'Rate The Bikini', Her Games Keep Instagram Entertained

Lyna Perez poses outdoors in a bikini
Lyna Perez/Instagram

February and May 2020 have seen Lyna back at her favorite: "Rate my bikini" game – meanwhile, October 2019 saw the brunette show Instagram her "Bachelor's Degree In Twerking." Whether it's delivering her own "Hoechella" videos or going sheer and asking if it's "distracting," Lyna knows how to caption those posts. "All ready for church" was used to caption a fully see-through dress on May 21 as Lyna wore nothing but a thong underneath and threw the camera a cheeky gaze. For another hottie lighting up Instagram, check out Demi Rose.

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