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‘Love And Hip Hop’ Masika Kalysha Attacks Rapper Trina For Berating People Of Color

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By Kay Lewis

Miami rapper Trina is the latest in a whole host of celebrities being taken to task for not supporting the black community. “Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood” cast member Masika Kalysha refused to let the rapper get away with her latest rant regarding the looting and violence taking place in some parts of the United States. The two took to social media to go back and forth with one another after the reality star took offense to a segment on Trina and Trick Daddy’s radio show. The Miami-based rapper referred to black activists and protesters as “animals” and “Thugs” for how they are reacting to the death of George Floyd.

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@masikakalysha Instagram

Masika first called out the “Love & Hip Hop: Miami” star with a tweet calling her a coon. “Khai... beloved... please come drag this coon Trina back to the swamp b4 I get ha...” said the actress referring to fellow rapper Khia who recently had her own run in with Trina. The reality TV star was not here for being called out by someone she considers beneath her. She flooded Masika’s tweet with a barrage of her own clap backs. “Yea bitch this ain’t tv. So, Keep my name out your dirty ass mouth,” started the rant.

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“First of all, you should do something for the community and focus on your shit. You don’t know me and it’s best to keep it that way,” she continued. Trina also encouraged Masika to figure out what she was talking about before opening her mouth. The insults didn’t stop there, the two went back and forth with Trina getting very personal by insinuating that rapper Fetty Wap was not the father of Masika’s child and no one knows who is. The former reality star proved to be unphased at the accusations as she continued to call out the 45-year-old out rapper.

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“The sun ain’t even up yet and the coon of the day award goes to Trina...” she refused to backdown as she educated her followers on what she sees as a betrayal. “Go Listen to bout 5 good minutes of her on that broadcast and then let’s reconvene... I’ll wait,” she stated. She continued with a more aggressive tweet. “YOU BETTER BE GLAD SOMEONE KNOWS YO DUSTY NAME YOU FUCKING COON! I USED TO SNEAK TO LISTEN TO YOU CLOWN! YOU ARE A JOKE! I AM ASHAMED OF YOU! YOU ARE A FUCKING EMBARRASSMENT TO YOUR FUCKING RACE! HOW FUCKING DARE YOU! IMMA SAY WHATEVER TF I WANT TRY ME OLD HOE I GOT TIME TADAY.”

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@trinarockstarr Instagram

Fans showed unwavering support for Masika while getting a general kick out of the drama. Some mentioned Trina asking her what she planned on doing to correct this. Others made it clear that the “old” rapper is so irrelevant that once this blows over no one will remember her. “She mad bc she getting called out for her fucked up ways!! Bih this the most you’ve been talked about in years!! After this you’ll go right back to alone time. Washed up trash box.” The drama eventually died down but mostly because the rapper stopped responding to Masika and everyone else bashing her. Unfortunately, for her, this is far from over as the hashtag “cancelTrina” is beginning to make the rounds. Everyone can see where this is going.

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