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B. Simone poses for a photo

B. Simone Shows Off Stunning Weight Loss In Skimpy Spandex Workout Session

By Rebecca Cukier

B. Simone has been dripping mad sweat. The 29-year-old rapper, comedian, author, and "Wild 'N Out" star fronted media outlets this week for having social media "canceling" her – controversy amid a George Floyd silence saw the Forbes-listed millionaire blasted, although a lengthy Black Lives Matter post has since landed on B. Simone's Instagram – she wanted her words to "penetrate, not just be read."

The vibe was almost back to normal on the star's Instagram stories on Wednesday as workout footage saw the self-proclaimed "MANIFEST QUEEN" bust out a power sweat session showing off her 15-pound weight loss.

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'I Feel Like I'm Always Hungry...Never Full'

B. Simone poses in lingerie
B. Simone/Instagram

Braelyn's stories last night showed her both candidly speaking to her 5 million followers with admissions of feeling "like I'm always hungry," plus showing that the girl who earned herself $1 million in just 50 days can work TF out. B. Simome first appeared in selfie mode and wearing tiger-print biker shorts and a matching sports bra, with the 15 pounds she recently announced dropping definitely showing. Footage then showed the "Babygirl: Manifest The Life You Want" author pushing heavy iron, doing jumping jacks, and straight-up unleashing her inner workout queen. Scroll for the wild monokini video clocking 1 million views.

Wants To Be 'Skinny', Says It's 'Not Working'

B. Simone working out
B. Simone/Instagram

While gym-set videos showing B. Simone's workout body checked out on the muscle front, the selfie admission following the Savage x Fenty ambassador's sweat session showed a different side. "I'm extremely hungry, I feel like I'm always hungry. I feel like I can't control my hunger. I feel like I'm always eating and I'm never full," Braleyn confessed, also adding that "I feel like I want to be skinny and it's not working." May headlines from B. Simone saw her write: "I lost 15 lbs y’all i wanna lose 20 more 😍". They also brought a yacht and swimwear.

'Canceled' Over George Floyd Storm

B. Simone poses in a black top
B. Simone/Instagram

A silence now broken over 46-year-old murdered black man George Floyd sparked major controversy at the end of May as B. Simone took to Twitter responding to backlash over her not uttering a word over Black Lives Matter.

“I’m not living to please man I’m here yo please God at the end of the day i am a CHRISTIAN! I’m God fearing i have to answer to Him! I’m going to ask myself WWJD not what an angry black woman do! I am angry but i am also trying to be Godly."

Twitter did not react well.

Twitter Unimpressed, But She Marks Floyd On IG

B. Simone poses in a denim outfit
B. Simone/Instagram

As one user wrote: “This b*tch B.Simone need to be slapped no cap. Got 1 mil & acting like it’s gone last you the rest of your life. She should’ve treaded lightly & stuck to making jokes," another said: “The B Simone thing might seem small but it’s actually a huge slap in the face...someone who branded herself as the loud, man obsessed black women. Don’t want to be vocal about a black man losing his life?”

Click here for Simone's Black Lives Matter post, currently sitting at over 140,000 likes.

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