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Kailyn Lowry at an event

Kailyn Lowry Shows Off Massive Baby Bump In Bikini From Her Bathroom

Gettyimages | Nicholas Hunt
By Rebecca Cukier

Kailyn Lowry showed Instagram just how huge that baby bump has gotten today. The "Teen Mom 2" star, currently expecting her fourth boy, has made headlines galore since announcing her pregnancy back in February. Kailyn, 28, is now inching towards 33 weeks along, with her latest selfie coming with that healthy bump on show via a summery and sheer dress flashing a bikini body underneath.

If you don't live inside Kailyn's Instagram, the star has faced major backlash since dropping her baby news – much of it stems from Kailyn already having three baby daddies. This is also a girl who claps back and deletes her own nude pregnancy photos.

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Bumping Along With #4

Kailyn Lowry poses pregnant for a selfie
Kailyn Lowry/Instagram

Scroll for the photo seeing the Pothead haircare founder find a solo moment away from three sons Isaac, Lincoln, and Lux. Kailyn had snapped herself in selfie mode and from her Delaware mansion's bathroom – the fuss-free photo showed Kailyn blooming as she cradled her giant bump in a white embellished sundress, with a black bikini underneath showing off those curves. Kailyn's signature sleeve tattoos were also visible, with text reading: "Almost 33 weeks! JUN 1, 2020." Kailyn's baby daddy is youngest Lux's father, Chris Lopez, although the pair split earlier this year. Scroll for Kail revealing the sex position she conceived her latest in.

Confirmed The Position She Conceived #4 In

Kailyn Lowry poses with noodles
Kailyn Lowry/Instagram

It's out in the open with Kailyn – especially once her trolling followers start throwing her shade. The star, followed by 3.8 million on Instagram, was trolled up the wazoo for announcing her single mother, multi-baby daddy status earlier this year. When a troll told Kailyn to "close" her legs, the star went down the NSFW route with her clap-back.

"My legs were closed, have you never heard of doggy style?" she wrote. More recently, though, the headlines have been hopeful and excited as Kailyn awaits the arrival of her son. A breech baby isn't a easy one, though.

Reveals If A Name Is Floating Around Yet

Kailyn Lowry poses on a bed with her sons
Kailyn Lowry/Instagram

An update made last month saw Kailyn in a shirt reading: "MOTHERHOOD IS WEIRD." She wrote: "Baby Boy & I are coming up on 29 weeks & so thankful to be in our third trimester! 🙌🏼 He still doesn’t have a name, but this is the chaos, it’s how we do things. 🤪"

Meanwhile, fire has gone back and forth with baby daddy Chris Lopez as photos of Chris with his ex-girlfriend re-surfaced and cheating accusations from Kailyn didn't hold back. "He's been lying to both of us about the other," Kailyn said, referencing Lopez and his ex.

Been The 'Easiest' Pregnancy So Far

Kailyn Lowry poses in a jumpsuit
Kailyn Lowry/Instagram

Kailyn's camo shirt selfie continued: "Physically, this has been a really easy pregnancy, but it is getting a little harder to hold Lux, no real complaints."

Kailyn did, however, find herself complaining when she alleged that these nude photos of her leaked – she stated being "saddened" and "humiliated" that her photo was released "without my knowledge or permission." Iceland travels saw the star self-post a nude pregnancy photo in a barn with a horse, although immense backlash saw her quickly delete it.

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