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Ireland Baldwin poses at an event

Ireland Baldwin's Braless Protest Outfit Sparks 'Disrespectful' Comments

Gettyimages | Kevin Winter
By Rebecca Cukier

Over 1,500 individuals have now upvoted a comment suggesting that Ireland Baldwin's feminine-strong and braless look while attending an L.A. protest was, per the user's words: "Disrespectful." The 24-year-old model and daughter to Hollywood heavyweight Alec Baldwin made headlines on Wednesday for showing her support amid the murder of 46-year-old black man George Floyd. Ireland was snapped at the Black Lives Matter protest in a summery and skimpy look that now sees the wardrobe dominate the comments section. Note, the "direspectful" word was employed in multiple comments, sadly seeing this beauty trolled.

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Ireland Shows Support, Without Support

Ireland Baldwin takes a selfie in a black outfit
Ireland Baldwin/Instagram

Photos are below. They showed the blonde wearing high-waisted jeans rising above the ankle, plus a brave, bold, and freeing white tank top worn braless. Ireland also took COVID-19 precautions by rocking a green face mask, with the daughter to Kim Basinger also going somewhat incognito behind dark shades. Ireland kept the vibe fuss-free with a top knot bun and slides. Photos also showed her more covered-up with a dark gray hoodie. The model kept cool with several water bottles, but viewers seemed anything but.

Comments Aren't Giving Her A Break

Ireland Baldwin poses in a swimsuit outdoors
Ireland Baldwin/Instagram

The Daily Mail's comments section, coming with green upvote arrows and red downvote ones, now sees over 1,800 users drive the following comment up to the top: "Such a sad way to try to get noticed." Meanwhile, also gaining likes was a user dubbing the model "disrespectful" – "What is wrong with these disrespectful "celebrities" using tragic and awful situations for their own hidden agendas.Shame on them," another said. Ireland, who regularly makes headlines for her sensational bikini body and stunning, makeup-free looks, appeared to face a tough crowd.

Comments Aren't One Way: Users Slam 'Insecure' Trolls

Ireland Baldwin poses for a makeup-free photo
Ireland Baldwin/Instagram

Back-up did arrive. "Gotta laugh at all the jealous from insecure women. Bet you wish you looked like her or had her incredible body. Jealousy is bad," one user wrote. Meanwhile, another put the somewhat-exposing look into the context of a much wider – and many would argue, more serious – context:

"Wow. The woman is protesting and the first thing you want to comment on is what she is wearing."

Ireland's dedication to #BlackLivesMatter now stretches back long before #BlackoutTuesday.

Model Uses Her Platform For Good, Dad In Hot Water

Ireland Baldwin poses with dad Alec on the red carpet
Gettyimages | Jesse Grant

Ireland, followed by 597,000 on Instagram, has posted multiple photos and videos supporting the fight against racism and police brutality – a total nine posts also include encouragement to vote in the presidential primaries, today held in the states of New Mexico, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, Maryland, South Dakota, Indiana, Montana and Washington D.C.

Meanwhile, father Alec faces backlash for a "flippant" remark seeing him accused of downplaying #BlackoutTuesday. He called it "National Day of Whatever" while speaking on his "Here's The Thing" podcast.

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