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Tyrese: 'Sorry Not Sorry' For Oversharing In 'Honest' Tell-All Interview

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By Kristin Myers on November 28, 2021 at 11:44 AM EST

Multi-talent Tyrese Gibson recently appeared on the FAQ podcast to "clear the air."

In the podcast, Tyrese is candid in his approach to addressing racism in Hollywood and describes the 20-year history of the "Fast & Furious" franchise as a leading example of how diversity can benefit major blockbusters.

He also talked about a video where he was seen crying during one of the most controversial points in his career. He described himself as "out of my mind on psych meds" and said the experience lasted for months.

He says that after he was accused of child abuse from his ex, his daughter was taken from him for 100 days. She was able to present no evidence of abuse at the trial, and he was "100% exonerated."

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Fortunately, he says it did not impact his relationship with his daughter, but he was introduced to a psychiatrist who eventually convinced him to start taking the psych meds which led to his aforementioned breakdown.

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Tyrese Jokes About Changing Name To 'TruthTellerTy'

Many fans appreciated Tyrese's candid explanation and his decision to answer questions about his controversial past instead of avoiding it.

One fan wrote, "Great great interview. Thank you Tyrese for clearing the air about so many unanswered questions. I've always been a fan and will continue to be. Your transparency was golden and I appreciate you for sharing your truth. Keeping God first is key. I pray God continues to give you the overflows you deserves."

Another fan added, "This is a great interview! Tyrese keep up the good work. You are an inspiration. Always remain close to the Lord!"

"Love his authenticity," said a third fan. "The way he speaks is so engaging. Great interview Tyrese!"

Tyrese took screenshots of these positive comments and shared them on his Instagram page.

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In the caption, he wrote, "I've been told by management to stop doing these interviews cause I'm so raw and honest I might just keep it TOO 100 and put people in their feelings."

He added "I tried to hold back" before mentioning that he was going to delete the link to the podcast from his Instagram bio in two hours.

He concluded by saying, "Sorry not sorry. TruthTellerTy should be my new name."

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Tyrese Apologizes To Fans He 'Let Down' After His Breakdown

Tyrese posted another screenshot of a long comment a fan left him on Instagram.

The fan wrote:

"I have to be honest with you bro. I was a fan until you went out of your mind and I just couldn't figure out how and with that interview makes everything sense now. I suffered from Mental Health and they tried and prescribed me the strongest pill to control how I feel but really I threw them away. I believe God has a way of turning things around when you gave it all to him. Keep spreading your truth and keeping it real because nowadays there is not a lot of that around."

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In the caption, Tyrese responded by saying, "To the fans I lost, I’m sorry I’m so sorry [ LINK in my bio for the first time I explained it all] please tell me what city, state, or country you’re in and if the link is working…… And please don’t speak on shhhhhh in my comments below until you actually watch…. Gone"

He also shared a picture of a sign saying "go laugh in the places you have cried. Change the narrative."

Tyrese again encouraged his followers to listen to the podcast on Spotify and leave a comment on the posts sharing "what city, state or country you're from and be raw and real and speak on it below."

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