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Kanye West at an event

D.L. Hughley Trashes Kanye West & Kim Kardashian, Calls Out ‘Morally Corrupt’ Actions

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By Ona L

It has become the trend to call out morally insensitive and corrupt people in the middle of this pandemic. This time around, it is comedian D.L. Hughley’s turn to give his two cents on the topic that is Kanye West and his controversial wife Kim Kardashian. The veteran actor wasted no time sharing his thoughts on the rapper and his reality star wife during an interview with “Vlad TV”. Hughley hit the ground running when admitted that he is not a fan of the rapper in any way.

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D.L. Can't Take Kanye Serious

D.L. on Shade 45
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The 57-year-old felt that West’s rap Christian album “Jesus Is King” was a marketing ploy to gain attention that was much-needed because his last albums didn’t do well. “He’s a tremendously talented dude but a morally bankrupt human being,” Hughley said. “When albums didn’t sell, this n***a sold God to n***as.” Hughley was not only referring to West’s Christian album but also his widely talked about Sunday Service ceremonies. The comedian was evidently sick of seeing the rapper constantly being praised for something he is doing for convenience.

The Rapper Is "Too Vain"

Kim and Kanye taking a bathroom selfie
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The now radio show host has been very critical of West and Kardashian in the past. In reference to the 42-year-old’s political aspirations, Hughley believed that West was too vain to be the leader of the United States as he doesn’t see the error of his ways most of the time. The actor even went as far as to say that West only appears smart to “dumb people”. He believes that the designer has no real advisers only people who enable him.

D.L. Doesn't Care Much For Kim Either

Kim taking a selfie
@kimkardashian Instagram

Hughley didn’t stop there; he also threw a few digs in about Kardashian and her prison reform work. While he said he respects what she is trying to do he is skeptical of her “agenda” insinuating that her intentions may not be what she is portraying. What was most upsetting to him was the fact that there have been African American’s who have done more for black people that get no attention at all. In fact, Hughley once made a joke that Kardashian is the perfect person to help African Americans and people of color.

The Comedian Has Long Joked About The Reality Star

Kim making a kissy face at Kanye in bed
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“Kim Kardashian meeting with the president to discuss prison reform makes sense, who’s screwed more Black dudes than her and the prison system?” joked Hughley who was not impressed with Kardashian’s work to free Alice Johnson, a woman serving an unusually long sentence for drug charges. “This was the prisoner a reality star liked and a cause they could go behind that another reality star was sparked to,” claimed the radio host in 2018. According to him, Johnson’s case was a mere photo opportunity for Kardashian.

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