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A photo showing a cute smile on Seth Rogen's face as he poses for the camera.

Seth Rogen Is The New Social Media Hero After He Defends The Black Community

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By Favour

Seth Rogen wowed his fans recently when he slammed some people in the comment section of his post, passing rude and racist comments. The Canadian actor and comedian had a swell time cursing at the critics and racists who did not want him showing support for the black community.

Several Instagram users may have stopped following Rogen, because he did not spare them with his words. From a distance, it seemed like the "Knocked Up" actor was venting, but all he was doing was having fun at their expense.

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A photo of Seth Rogen sporting a grey suit on a black hoodie at an event.
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At noon on Monday, Rogen took to his Instagram page to share a photo in support of the movement termed "Black Lives Matter."

He also captioned the post saying;

"If this is a remotely controversial statement to you, feel free to unfollow me."

A lot of fans were happy and proud of the actor for using his platform to show support, however, others chastised him declaring support to the black community.

The trolls should have taken Rogen's advice and stopped following him, but they decided to come for him in the comment section and the actor replied in kind.

A photo showing a large group of people taking to the streets to campaign for 'Black Lives Matter.'
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Many of his fans who disputed his words and politics in the comment section, unfortunately attracted cure words from the actor immediately. The replies from Rogen showed that he was not in any way interested in what the trolls had to say.

One fan commented "All lives matter," and Rogen replied with "F*** off."

Another fan commented "All lives matter," and Rogen directed his sweary message to the user.

Another fan also said "So I guess all of us whites don't matter?" and Rogen responded with "F*** off,"

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Another fan was immediately canceled by Rogen, as he urged the user to stop seeing his movies because he is not deserving of it. The Instagram user asked why the brutality videos going viral on social media only showed the end and left out the beginning.

Rogen seemed to be in the mood for his non-fans who are either racist or trying to dismiss the "Black Lives Matter" campaign. After a while, the actor started trending on Instagram as fans could not get enough of his comeback replies.

A photo showing Seth Rogen giving a speech from a podium and he has on a white polo shirt.
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Fans went as far as taking screenshots of their favorite replies of Rogen and they all had a good life.

Since the campaign against killing black people began, many have taken to social media to either show support or discredit the campaign. White users began another campaign #AllLivesMatter as opposed to the "Black Lives Matter" march that began after the unfair death of a black man known as George Floyd.

Floyd was pronounced dead after a cop knelt on his neck for several minutes and passers-by captured in on video and shared it on social media.

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