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Michael Jackson's Niece Launches GoFundMe After Bloody Hate Crime

Yasmine Jackson / Instagram
By Gary Trock

The granddaughter of Joe Jackson, whose mother was a half-sister to Michael Jackson, is trying to raise money after a violent attack left her with multiple injuries. Yasmine Jackson announced on Monday that she launched a GoFundMe on her own behalf to help cover the financial costs of dealing with the trauma she endured.

Yasmine, who works as a nurse in Las Vegas, says that she now needs to find a new place to live after being stabbed 7 times by a neighbor.

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Needs Financial Help

Yasmine Jackson / Instagram

"I started a go fund me to help me out with a lawyer because this will be a long battle in court," Yasmine wrote on Instagram.

She added, "Anything helps guys. I appreciate every single one of you for standing with me and all the kind words. I never thought that this would happen to me man, but now I am awake!"

Yasmine's efforts after her horrific incident have already gotten responses, and her fundraiser has brought in over $6,500 by 239 donors.

'Justice For Yasmine Jackson'

Yasmine Jackson / Instagram

As part of her GoFundMe, the granddaughter of the late Joe Jackson described what happened to her over the weekend:

"I was attacked yesterday, May 30th, 2020, by my neighbor at my apartment complex who chased and stabbed me multiple times while calling me a ni--er. I had never seen this lady before the incident. My friend and I were outside having a conversation when out of nowhere she ran down a couple flights of stairs then jumped down from the second floor and jumped over fence. "

Attempted Murder

Joh'Vonnie Jackson / Instagram

Yasmine initially said the woman was arrested and charged with felony battery with a deadly weapon, but she later updated and said the charge had been elevated to attempted murder.

Joh'Vonnie Jackson, a half-sister to the late Michael Jackson, has also been outspoken about the attack on her daughter.

"My daughter has a good heart and has dedicated her time as a nurse to help others. She did not deserve this! Fuck anyone who has enough hate in their heart to want to do this to anyone!" Joh'Vonnie wrote on Instagram.

The extent of Yasmine's injuries are unclear, but she seems to be on the road to recovery physically.

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