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Bill Cosby Supported Lisa Bonet's Nude Scene In 'Angel Heart,' Says Sinbad

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When it came to the famous Cosby kids, Lisa Bonet was usually the thorn in her father's flesh. As the show progressed, fans began to notice the tensed relationship between Bonet and her on-screen father, Bill Cosby. However, there was not cause for alarm as everything was going the way it should have gone.

However, fans were perplexed when they Bonet made a decision to shoot a nude scene in a film titled "Angel Heart." Although there were no proof, fans seemed to think that this caused a permanent strain between Cosby and Bonet.

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On the show, Bonet was often fond of living her life the way she pleased, so it did not make much difference when she strayed in real life. Initially, the reports stating that Cosby was angry with Bonet for taking such a bold move, could not be justified because they were just rumors.

But one of Cosby's close friends cleared the air recently by explaining what really happened between Bonet and her film father before and after she shot the nude love scene.

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According to Sinbad, when Cosby heard about Bonet's plans, he was not really excited. He was in fact not okay with the idea. However, he came around when she talked to him about it. Cosby confirmed these words in 1987, during an interview with Newsweek. He said that although he was not infuriated by the news, he still had mixed feelings about it.

However, all that stopped after a while and to show his acceptance, he urged Bonet to take the role and do what she had to do.


Sinbad revealed recently that the way the media portrayed Cosby's thoughts and feelings towards Bonet's nude scene, was untrue. She also went on to say that it was not really Bonet he had a problem with, but the film in general. Cosby also aired his thoughts on the movie during an interview.

"It's a movie made by white America that cast a black girl, gave her voodoo things to do and have sex," Cosby said.

It is clear that whatever Cosby felt when he heard the news, was out of concern for his on-screen daughter, Lisa Bonet.

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When critics heard about Bonet's decision to star in "Angel Heart", they believed it was a risky move on her part. The film is an adaptation of a novel that revolves around a private investigator who was given the task to find information on a missing man.

While the investigation was ongoing, the main character, Mickey Rourke, finds his way to New Orleans and becomes trapped in a string of murders. Bonet, who starred as Epiphany Proudfoot got involved with Rourke, hence the controversial nude scene in the movie.

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