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Russell Wilson running with football

Russell Wilson, Nicki Minaj & Others Stand Up to Racism

Gettyimages | Gregory Shamus
By A. Elise

This week, celebrities like Halsey and Ariana Grande were seen marching and protesting in the wake of George Floyd's death. Presidential candidate Joe Biden was also seen at a march, speaking with protesters.

Protests against racism are popping up around the world in response to Floyd's death, and many celebrities are taking to social media to use their platforms for change after the May 25th homicide.

In fact, celebrities like Justin Bieber are asking others to speak up and break their silence about racism and police brutality.

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Protesters holding signs on sidewalk
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George Floyd, 46, was killed in Minneapolis last week after a white police officer held his knee against Floyd's neck for almost nine minutes. The officer, Derek Chauvin, has been charged with three-degree murder and manslaughter. Three other officers present at the scene have not been charged with a crime after doing nothing to stop the violence against Floyd. An investigation is apparently ongoing.

Celebrities seen protesting in public include Shawn Mendes, Ariana Grande, and Halsey. Others, like Russell Wilson and Nicki Minaj, are discussing racism on social media.

Nicki Minaj wearing bright clothing
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Nicki Minaj posted on Instagram that her followers should stay "angry" at the death as well as other deaths of people of color in America. She wrote, "When 4 black THUGS commit a crime, if 1 person commits murder, they ALL get charged & CONVICTED." She calls for all four cops involved in Floyd's murder to be held responsible. She adds, "They all watched an unarmed man die and did nothing!!" She ended her post with a call for people to make their voices heard.

Russell Wilson wearing a suit
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Russell Wilson, NFL player for the Seattle Seahawks, has also issued a statement in which he said, "We cannot continue to ignore racism." He called for change in a statement he posted to Instagram, saying, "The continual violence inflicted upon blacks and people of color must stop. We need a change now. We need love. We need compassion. We need grace and forgiveness even in the midst of pain."

Justin Bieber also used social media to call out his "non black friends" who are "silent" in the midst of protest.

Tyler Perry smiling
Gettyimages | Paras Griffin

Tyler Perry, Hollywood producer, has also posted a message to social media. He described his "extremely heavy heart" and said, "I want you to know that while some of us are protesting out there, others of us have the gift of being able to pick up the phone and go straight to the people who have the power with the stroke of a pen to effect change."

Perry calls for allies to participate as well. He also pointed out that many people in positions similar to his are speaking out about police brutality as well, and many are looking for ways to help. He ended his post by saying, "THERE IS POWER IN BEING HEARD!"

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