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Brandi Cyrus poses in a bikini in the sea

Miley Cyrus' Hot Sister Brandi Zooms ATV In Daisy Dukes From Her Farm

Brandi Cyrus/Instagram
By Rebecca Cukier

Brandi Cyrus has been showing Instagram that country roots stick for life. The 33-year-old sister to "SHE IS COMING" singer Miley Cyrus updated her account over the weekend with a farm-set video showing how quarantine is going for her. Brandi, who is a DJ and fashion editor, has mostly made COVID-19 headlines for kicking off a "Sorry We're Stoned" podcast with 53-year-old mom Tish – Brandi is, however, best-known for her "Your Favorite Thing" podcast seeing her co-host with "Bachelor in Paradise" face Wells Adams.

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Farm Babe Keeps It Country In Lock-Down

Brandi Cyrus poses on a pool floatie
Brandi Cyrus/Instagram

Scroll for the video, plus Brandi's headline-making bikini – yes, she gave boyfriend Ry a boner and was brave enough to post the whole thing to Instagram.

The video largely seeing Brandi in cleared forestry and on a farm showed her solo and rocking a summery and skimpy look – Daisy Dukes are a standard for Brandi, with a white tank top also flaunting her trim frame. A big black pick-up truck, Brandi jokingly hose-peeing, and a liquor bottle all featured, as did Brandi zooming around on an ATV and horseback riding with "Don't touch my truck" by Breland playing.

Instagram 'Likes' The View

Brandi Cyrus/Instagram

Brandi, whose Instagram is followed by 1.1 million fans, clocked herself over 35,000 views for the video, also bringing in a giant wave of comments. Breland's official account actually replied: "Yoooo thanks for sharing this 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🔥🔥🔥," their message read. "Working on a farm looks a lot less glamorous when I do it 😂✨," another fan said, with one simply appearing to "like" the "view." The Cyrus sisters were also mentioned via 20-year-old Noah – "Diamond status content 💎 just listened to this weeks podcast episode and it’s my favorite thing. Please let Noah sing your new intro!!"

Scroll for that bikini.

The Bikini That Gave Her Boyfriend A Boner

Brandi Cyrus poses poolside with her boyfriend
Brandi Cyrus/Instagram

2020 has seen Brandi jet out to South Africa where her boyfriend Ry resides. The relationship is definitely public with Brandi admitting to "Skype sex," but it's also unusual with the star not revealing her beau's last name. Plenty was, however, revealed back in early March, when a joint photo of the couple poolside at a luxurious safari lodge came with one party definitely appearing to enjoy themselves. Brandi even jokingly wrote: "We're both just VERY excited to be here" as she stood bikini-clad with Ry. Meanwhile, sister Noah has been making headlines for a self-touching NSFW post.

Turning 33 In Lock-Down Was 'Tough'

Brandi Cyrus poses in a pool
Brandi Cyrus/Instagram

Brandi recently turned 33 – and got a major shout-out from sister Miley. A unicorn-themed photo landing on Brandi's Instagram mentioned the pandemic, reading: "This birthday has been tough for me... I should be in North Carolina, prepping for opening night of a summer long tour with @samhuntmusic & @ajrapsofficial.

"My boyfriend would’ve been here with me to celebrate everything and I would’ve been surrounded by friends and family.... but because of the pandemic, things are much different. Thank you to everyone that made me feel special and loved today! I needed it, and I’m forever thankful for having such amazing people in my life. Even my social media one! I love y’all!!! ❤️," Brandi added.

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