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Jane Fonda photographed protesting

Jane Fonda Speaks Out Against White Privilege In New Interview

Gettyimages | John Lamparski
By Chris Barilla

Famed actress and notable activist Jane Fonda decided to take the opportunity during an interview with CNN's Don Lemon on Sunday to address the concept of white privilege and how individuals needed to work to combat systematic racism as a whole.

Undoubtedly spurred by the recent nationwide protests that followed the death of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis Police, Fonda spoke candidly on how those who are privileged need to work to become aware of their privilege and actively use it to help others.

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"Because we’re white, we have had privilege," the activist commented to 'CNN' during the candid interview segment.

"Even the poorest of us have had privilege. And we need to recognize that, and we have to understand what it is that keeps racism in place — the policies, redlining, banking policies, mortgage policies. All of the things that are really making it very, very difficult for black people to lift themselves up," she continued to explain of her stance on the situation.

Jane Fonda photographed candidly
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"The policies have to be changed, and then white people have to understand the history that has led to this and we have to try to change within ourselves," Fonda commented about the inherent need for systematic change in how white Americans handle situations involving those of other races.

Following widespread protests that have ravaged American communities from Los Angeles to New York City, the call for systematic change in policing and government policy has become one that many celebrities have rallied behind.

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Fonda, known for her candid history of activism​ by using her fame to promote grassroot efforts, is an expected addition to those using their voices in a positive context for social change.

Appearing during the interview in a black sweater and black beret, the actress gave a notable nod to the Black Panther movement, of which she was an outspoken supporter of back in the 1970s, famously hosting multiple fundrasing endeavors to support their political activism almost half a century ago.

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The star commented that she was happy to see more white people "getting it" in the wake of these waves of protests, "I don’t know who the people are that are doing the violence, but I think what matters is, is that more and more people, white people, are getting it."

"When Donald Trump was elected [the] Band-aid was torn off and people could see very blatantly the racism in the country that’s always been there, but it was revealed in a new and more robust way to us and was encouraged by this administration. I think a lot of white people got it. … I realized I didn’t understand enough about the history of racism, about slavery and reconstruction, Jim Crow and the New Jim Crow, so for the last three years I’ve very intentionally begun studying," Fonda continued to explain of what shes done to educate herself better on social injustice.

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