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Ramona taking a selfie poolside

‘RHONY’ Ramona Singer Gets Backlash After Supporting 'All Lives Matter'

@ramonasinger Instagram
By Ona L

For years fans of the “Real Housewives of New York City” have had a love/hate relationship with Ramona Singer. Some have even called for the New Yorker to be kicked off the show for her antics. Now, fans and co-stars have another reason to be concerned with the star, she recently offended a whole host of people online by showing her unwavering support for #AllLivesMatter. The bugged-eyed housewife has been acting a fool on social media with her daughter Avery Singer but it’s her latest post that pissed off the masses.

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Singer Angered Fans With Her Insensitive Comments

Ramona appearing on "Watch What Happens Live"
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Singer was confronted by one of her followers about why she has not used her platform to speak out about the latest tragedies that have been plaguing the United States. “RAMONA WHAT THE F**K U DOIN GIRL! USE UR VOICE!!!!! BLACK LIVES MATTER.” The reality TV star promptly responded with “all lives matter”. This admission set off a series of comments calling out the entrepreneur and her refusal to live in reality. One follower could not believe that the Ageless By Ramona owner had the audacity to boldly make this comment with the platform that she has.

Fans Ripped Her Apart In The Comments

Ramona and daughter Avery Singer take a selfie
@ramonasinger Instagram

Another follower schooled Singer on why, in today’s current climate it’s not okay to simply say all lives matter. “When people use “all lives matter”, it takes away the focus from the injustices that black people specifically experience. Please reconsider and read about it.” They left a link to a "New York Times" article about the Black Lives Matter movement. Followers of the thread assumed that Singer didn’t read the article as they continued to flood her post with reactions to her tone-deaf response.

One Follower Called Her "Very Dumb"

Ramona doing an IG Live
@ramonasinger Instagram

One follower let her know how “very dumb” her comment was. Whereas another one echoed her sentiments. “Stay strong,” they stated, “don’t cave to the social media bullies. You can do whatever you want on your Instagram.” Some fans, or is it former fans now? tagged Andy Cohen the creator of the hit Bravo series asking for the 63-year-old to be fired from the show. “Wow, I hope @bravoandy @bravotv fire you for this garage.” Singer was radio silent for some time but all of a sudden, she was down with the movement when a new post showed up on her IG account hoping to overshadow that old one.

Ramona Tried To Backtrack... Kind Of


In an attempt to clean up her image and have people stop commenting negatively on all her other posts, Singer shared a video that has been making the rounds on social media. It featured a young black girl expressing that she does not like being treated different because of the color of her skin. The reality star captioned her post, “Please watch this moving video”. She added hash tags #blacklivesmatter #justiceforgeorgefloyd #enoughisenough oh, and she made sure to let her followers know, “(I shared this photo of George Floyd on my story several days ago)” referring to the second slide of three. She, of course, turned the comments off but, unfortunately for Singer, it wasn’t good enough the damage was already done.

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