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George Floyd protests

George Floyd's Brother Has Powerful Interaction With Minneapolis Police Chief On Live TV

Gettyimages | KEREM YUCEL
By Clark Sparky

As protests continued in over 140 cities all across the country, Philonise Floyd, the brother of George Floyd, appeared on live TV with CNN's Don Lemon for the chance to ask questions directly to Minneapolis Police Chief Medaria Arradondo. He was joined by his lawyer Ben Crump.

Philonise wore a red shirt with the words "We Can't Breathe" across the front and was able to ask questions to CNN reporter Sara Snider, which she then relayed to the Chief Arrandondo.

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Philonise asked if the other three police officers who were involved in the incident that killed his brother were going to be arrested and charged -- so far only the officer who put his knee in the back of Floyd's neck is facing prosecution.

"Being silent or not intervening, to me, you're complicit. So I don't see a level of distinction that's any different. Obviously the charging and those decision have to come through our county attorney's office, certainly the FBI is investigating that, but I want you to know my decision to fire all four officers was not based on some sort of hierarchy," Arradondo replied.

He continued, explaining that he wishes just one of the four officers would have intervened.

"Mr. Floyd died in our hands, and so I see that as being complicit. … I don't see a difference in terms of the ultimate outcome, [which] is he is not here with us. … Silence and inaction — you're complicit. If there were one solitary voice that would have intervened and acted, that's what I would have hoped for. That did not occur."

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Arrandondo did his best to express his condolences to the Floyd family. At one point, both Philonise and Crump were visibly emotional.

"I am absolutely devastatingly sorry for their loss, and if I could do anything to bring Mr. Floyd back, I would move heaven and earth to do that," he said. "This was a violation of the oath that the majority of the men and women that put this uniform on — this goes absolutely against it. This is contrary to what we believe in. What occurred to me, it was an absolute truth that it was wrong, period."

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Police officer Derek Chauvin has been charged with third degree murder and manslaughter for taking Floyd's life on May 25th. The other three officers who were on the scene were fired, but have not been charged with any crimes.

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