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Jennifer Aniston’s Marriage To Brad Pitt Had Some Low Points That She Regrets

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Jennifer Aniston has a lot of stories to tell about her relationship with Brad Pitt. In the beginning, the duo were practically inseparable and they were often termed as the ‘it’ couple. However, what once looked like a blissful marriage involving two amazing people turned into a bad breakup.

During their divorce proceedings, Pitt shocked fans when he revealed that he had started dating another actress known as Jennifer Lopez. To date, fans are certain that Aniston and Pitt broke up because Jolie came into their lives.

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Back in September 2005, Vanity Fair had a length conversation with Aniston, following her divorce from Pitt. Aniston has a lot to say during the interview and it was obvious that Aniston has been through a lot.

Some of the things she pointed out came from her experiences after the breakup. She mentioned that she had to deal with tabloid rumors and speculations, and the feeling of being alone again. Although she seemed angry, Aniston did not openly talk about what specifically hurt her marriage.

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As the interview progressed, Aniston made a comment about her regrets. In her statement, she said that she never regretted falling in love and marrying Pitt. She loved him completely and if everything had gone well with them, they would have made history together.

However, Aniston said that the past few years were torture, hence her regret.

“There’s a lot I would probably do differently. I’d take more vacations; getting away from work, enjoying each other in different environments. But there was always something preventing it; either he was working or I was.” She said.


Aniston went on to say that she wished she hadn’t given so much of herself in her marriage to Pitt. She said that the mistakes came from her wanting to take good care of people at all cost.

“I love taking care of people and I definitely put his needs before mind sometimes. It’s seamless; somewhere along the way, you sort of lose yourself.” Aniston said to the interviewer.

The interview took another turn when Aniston started saying some hurtful things to herself.

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“You just don’t know when it happens. It’s such an insidious thing, you don’t really see where it started and where you ended. There’s no one to blame but yourself.” She said.

She also opened up about many of her relationships being like that. The “Murder Mystery” actress said that he did not have a healthy relationship with her mother. However, what happened with Pitt would be her last.

“I feel like I’ve broken the pattern now. I’ll never let myself down like that again. I feel like my sense of self is being strengthened because of it.” Aniston concluded.

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