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A photo showing Bonzi Wells giving a high five to one of his teammates known as Stat.

Bonzi Wells Gave Kobe Bryant A Hard Time During The 2000 Champions Run

Gettyimages | Andy Lyons
By Favour

The first time Kobe Bryant won a championship, was in 2000. From that moment on, Bryant began to push through into the bigger games and finally made a name for himself. 20 years done the line, the basketball player did so many incredible things and made his team a force to be reckoned with in the industry.

Thanks to people like Bryant on the Los Angeles Lakers team, everyone loved and appreciated the team for the effort and agility they put into every game that they played.

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An amazing black and white photo showing Kobe Bryant with a blank expression on his face.
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Another amazing thing about this club that many loved, is that they always celebrated everything: it did not matter if they won or lost a game, as long as they had each other, they were happy and charged to fight another battle on the on the court.

Surely, there were times when they were filled with disappointment, but this moments never lasted long because they considered each other a family. This is why Bryant was always proud to identify with this team and it was the same for many others.

A photo showing Bonzi Wells struggling to keep an opponent from scoring a goal and they are look intense.
Gettyimages | JOHN GRESS

You might be wondering why Bryant is the subject matter here, that’s understandable. However, to know more about Bryant, means to talk about some of the people he played with an against during his lifetime.

In 2000, when the Lakers participated in the championship run, they team came in contact with a brutally adamant player known as Bonzi Wells.

Anyone who knows Wells, knows that he was one of the strongest and daring members of the Portland Trail Blazers team.


Known as Galen DeAngelo, he was born in Muncie, Indiana on September 28, 1976. Wells, as he was popularly called, began his basketball journey when he played for his college, Balls State University.

In 1998, Wells was drafted into the NBA and from this year till 2008, he played for five different teams. The first of which was the Portland Trail Blazers. It was during his time with this team that he came in contact with Bryant and the Lakers as a whole.

A lovely photo of Bonzi Wells holding his teammate  around the waist on the court and the smile on his face is infectious.
Gettyimages | GEORGE FREY

During the playoffs, the Lakers topped the seed list, while the Trail Blazers came third. After all calculations and selections had been done, the teams were to play against one another at the Western Conference Final.

According to Bryan, the game was as tough for Bryant as it was for Wells because neither of them wanted to give in to the other. Eventually, the Lakers won the game and even the championship. However, Bryant could never forget Wells. During a podcast interview with Jackson and Matt Barnes, Bryant thanked Wells for helping him build his defense point.

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