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Jake Paul Denies Looting After Breaking Into Scottsdale Mall During George Floyd Protests

Jake Paul / Instagram
By Gary Trock

YouTube star Jake Paul is usually involved in some sort of crazy stunt that lands on his social media pages, but people are not happy with his latest incident after being found allegedly taking part in the looting and destruction of property going on during the nationwide protests after the murder of George Floyd.

Paul took to Twitter Sunday morning to defend himself after video surfaced from the Fashion Square Mall in Scottsdale, Arizona. The younger brother of YouTube star Logan Paul could be seen joining a crowd of people who had broken into the mall.

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Denies Looting


Paul was not seen on video stealing or destroying property, but he was seen alongside the others who were taking part and did not do anything to stop them. After video of Paul began to go viral and people were outraged, the social media star put out a lengthy statement denying he took part in anything illegal.

"To be absolutely clear, neither I nor anyone in our group was engaged in any looting or vandalism. For context, we spent the day doing our part to peacefully protest one of the most horrific injustices our country has ever seen, which led to us being tear-gassed for filming the events and brutality that were unfolding in Arizona."

'Strictly Documenting'

Jake Paul / Instagram

"We were gassed and forced to keep moving on foot," Paul continued explaining.

He said that everything was being filmed "in an effort to share our experience and bring more attention tot he anger felt in every neighborhood we traveled through; we were strictly documenting, not engaging."

Paul was adamant that "I do not condone violence, looting or breaking the law; however, I understand the anger and frustration that led tot he destruction we witnessed and while it's not the answer, it's important that people see it and collectively figure out how to move forward in a healthy way."

People Not Buying It

Gettyimages | Leon Bennett

Even though he tried to set the record straight, many people didn't believe Jake Paul was being genuine and lashed out at him on Twitter.

"You’re completely full of shit. grow the fuck up, sit your ass at home, donate, educate, read and do some actual good instead of this clownery," one person commented.

"He literally tried to break a window of a car inside the mall and it's on video he's just straight lying. He was also hyping up the people doing most of the looting going woo and making loud noises and getting all excited. Never seen someone so dumb," another person responded.

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