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Farrah Abraham poses looking shocked

Farrah Abraham Shows Instagram Her Jugs, Needs Opinions If They're 'The Best Ever'

Farrah Abraham/Instagram
By Rebecca Cukier

Farrah Abraham wants your thoughts on her jugs. The former "Teen Mom OG" star is making a big hoopla on her Instagram today – and with good reason – Sunday sees the ex MTV face turn 29 years old. Farrah, who has been enjoying a "quarantine queen" birthday with 11-year-old daughter Sophia took to both her permanent posts and her stories this weekend with a ton of partying and what appeared to be a question over her jugs. This comes amid backlash Farrah faces over her former racist remarks – her George Floyd tribute post did not go down well.

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Ex 'Teen Mom' Who's 100% Open About Cosmetic Surgery

Farrah Abraham poses in a bathrobe by a balcony
Farrah Abraham/Instagram

Scroll for Farrah's amusing and family-friendly jugs question. The star who made headlines in 2012 for a breast augmentation costing her an estimated $5,000 was not, in fact, showing off her surgically-enhanced cleavage in yesterday's stories, instead opting to literally showcase some jugs. The glamorous star and entrepreneur appeared in a black satin robe and holding gallon jugs of juice: "DO I HAVE THE BEST JUGS EVER OF WHAT?!?!" she wrote with a "YES/NO" tap option. This followed a similar snap as the Nebraska native wrote: "After Party. Woah look at my jugs!!"

Keeping It Family-Friendly With 11-Year-Old Daughter

Farrah Abraham poses with juice jugs
Farrah Abraham/Instagram

Scroll for Farrah's comments to Blac Chyna, now seeing her slammed for her attempt to honor murdered black man George Floyd. Farrah – who regularly faces backlash as 11-year-old daughter Sophia follows her mother's NSFW IG – has been keeping it family-friendly as she turns 29. Her Saturday night video came as a home-delivered drinks-making session dubbed a "BOBAFUL PARTY BIRTHDAY BASH." While the video clocked over 61,000 views and saw some fans send Farrah the thumbs-up, the trolls were alive and well – "Here's your award for the most cringe-worthy video ever posted on Instagram," a user wrote.

Black Racism Comments Catch Up With Her

Farrah Abraham poses in lingerie on a yacht
Farrah Abraham/Instagram

As The Blast reported yesterday, Farrah wound up under fire for a lengthy and emotional tribute to 46-year-old George Floyd, murdered at the hands of a white ex police officer via Floyd having his neck kneeled on for over 8 minutes. Farrah's post appeared to backfire on account of her 2016 "monkey" comment to model Blac Chyna – also raised was Farrah's "Marriage Boot Camp" comment as she told Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson’s mother Paula:

"This is some trailer park trash! Disgusting black piece of sh–t" after being called a "B-tch."

'Umm, Didn't You Say A Racist Slur In Marriage Boot Camp?'

Farrah Abraham in the street with pink hair
Gettyimages | Hollywood To You/Star Max

Farrah's 2 million followers appear sharp in the memory department. ""Umm didn’t you say a racist slur in marriage boot camp family edition?" a fan asked. Two users told others to "Google it" as Farrah's prior remarks were dragged back into the open – Abraham does not appear to have responded to the probing.

Once largely slammed for her live-streamed "designer vagina" procedures and topless updates, Farrah appears to have brought a more child-friendly finish to her social media. Losing 80,000 followers earlier this year also seems to have reversed itself, with Farrah's 1.9 million followers back up to 2 million.

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