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A lovely photo of Ryan Gosling rocking a black suit with a white inner T-shirt and his arms are folded with a smile on his face.

Ryan Gosling Decided To Stick To His Acting Career Instead Of Pursuing Career In Music

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Ryan Gosling is mostly popular for his iconic acting skills in several amazing films. It takes a lot of courage and charisma to be able to do what Gosling does in movies and that is why his fans adore him. The actor can fit into any drama role easily and when he is not being too serious, he is cracking viewers up with every move or statement that he makes.

Gosling is great at what he does, but in the 90s, he had the chance to pick a different career choice.

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Being an actor has a lot of attachments to it. Sometimes, the feeling is great and other times, it is like a heavy metal weighing down on people's shoulders. Some people see acting as a job that pays their bills. They don't necessarily have to love it, but they must do their best to get results.

For others, acting is a lifestyle. These are the ones who see everything about acting as a means to a bigger discovery and will stop at nothing to find out.


Some actors today never for once saw themselves as actors. Some of them turned to acting in a time of need it benefited them in the long run. There are also others who had a different career choice in the past, but after thinking long and hard about it, they decided to stick with acting. One of such people, is Ryan Gosling.

Gosling is an amazing singer and dancer who was given the opportunity to join a boy band in the 90s, but he turned down the opportunity.

Ryan Gosling looks breath-taking in this photo as he is captured on camera wearing a brown suit and pant at an event.
Gettyimages | Rodin Eckenroth

As a child, Gosling always dreamed of being an actor, but when he landed a role for Disney Chanel's "The Mickey Mouse Club," he sometimes wowed the audience with his amazing singing talent.

During one of these events, Gosling caught the attention of one of the biggest boy bands in the 90s. Fast forward to 2013, an unconfirmed report stated that Gosling was approached by "The Backstreet Boys," to become a member, but the actor turned it down, stating that he only wanted to be an actor.


One of the band members known as A.J. McLean, had an interview with TMZ and revealed that the band used to live stream in the same building where Gosling and other actors performed for Disney.

He also revealed that though the band was still trying to put things together, the actor was had some serious thoughts about them. According to Gosling, "The Backstreet Boys," were not going to make it as big as "New Kids on the Block," which was the first successful boy band in the state.

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