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A photo showing Smush Parker battling for a headway with two opponents on the court.

Late Kobe Bryant Was Not A Fan Of Basketball Player Smush Parker

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Kobe Bryant was a man of many things. A good father, coach, excellent husband, role model and an admirable celebrity. He had a beautiful family and amazing friends that will always remember him for good and cherish the moments they shared with him.

Bryant was also a girl's dad and that notion is seen in the beautiful relationship he had with his daughters. He was particularly close to one of his daughters named Gianna. He was her mentor and coach and the world would have been a better place with them in it.

A lovely photo of the Lakers and an opposing team in motion on the court.
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Bryant and his family were always in the spotlight because of his celebrity status, but that was okay because he was loved and respected. He was also a respecter of people and tried his best to be there for his fans. However, this love and respect he had for most people, did not extend to one of his former teammates known as Smush Parker.

Throughout his career, Bryant indulged and played with a lot of people. While he enjoyed sharing moments with some of them, he was indifferent about the rest and Parker falls under that category.

A photo showing Kobe Bryant in his yellow jersey, holding a ball and his expression is daring.
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Parker joined the Lakers in 2005, played for two seasons and left. During his time with the team, he played as the starting point guard. Although he was an excellent player, he and Bryant did not see eye-to-eye.

In 2012, Bryant opened up about his thoughts towards his former teammate and he had a lot of things to say. Speaking to Los Angeles Times' Mark Medina, Bryant bluntly said that Parker should not have been a member of the league as he does not belong there. Ouch!

A photo showing Kobe Bryant's jersey that carries number 24.
Unsplash | Olivier Collet

He went ahead to say that Parker should never have been part of the NBA, but they were too cheap to pay for a point guard.

When it comes to expressing his thoughts and feelings about a particular subject, Bryant has never been one to shy away or remain mute. In this case, he did not shy away from relaying how he truly felt about Parker. This is one of the things that made him a fearless coach in his lifetime.

A lovely photo showing the Lakers basketball court and the players are watching as a player initiates a penalty free throw.
Unsplash | Ramiro Pianarosa

Parker on the other hand had a few things to say about the late NBA star during an interview with ESPN six years ago. In his defense, he mentioned that outside the court, he tried to have a conversation about other sports with Bryant, but he would not budge.

He also noted that Bryant told him that he needed to have more accolades attached to his belt, before he could think of making a conversation with him.

There you have it guys, Bryant definitely had no soft spot in his heart for Parker.

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