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Angela Simmons in a dress in the street

Angela Simmons Gets Flexible Upside-Down In Skintight Spandex For Her 'Morning Reset'

Angela Simmons/Instagram
By Rebecca Cukier

Angela Simmons continues to prove that she's "Built Not Bought." The 32-year-old reality star and daughter to rapper Rev Run has the above words as the hashtag for her 2019-founded Purpose App – the app connecting women "through all dimensions of womanhood" sees Angela's career packed as she also launches a beauty brand, influences, and continues her "Growing Up Hip-Hop" appearances. A fresh workout photo of Angela by the famous yoga swing in her home landed on her Instagram ahead of the weekend. This girl knows how to stretch it out.

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She's Literally 'Built Not Bought'

Angela Simmons poses with abs on show
Angela Simmons/Instagram

Keep scrolling for the photo that's already seen a fan ask Angela to be their "workout partner." The mom of one – who recently had rapper Bow Wow saying that her backside set off his house alarm – had been snapped in a bridge position as she rested on tip-toes while stretched upside-down, with the skin-tight and gray marl spandex bodysuit doing wonders for the star's stunning figure. Pops of neon yellow from a sports bra and headband contrasted the grays, with the color also used in a sunshine emoji in the caption.

Instagram Remembers When It Could 'Do This'

Angela Simmons poses snacking on Cheetos on a couch
Angela Simmons/Instagram

Currently sitting at over 22,000 likes, the photo came captioned: "Morning Reset ☀️💫♥️ #BnB #builtnotbought @purpose_app."

Angela – who recently made headlines as a photo of her snacking on Cheetos with her legs spread generated Google Trends for it in name searches – found herself complimented up the wazoo. "🔥🔥 💯 flex on," one fan wrote, with another saying they could remember when they "could to this." Angela has made major headlines this year for accepting herself the way she is – a mismatched bikini photo posted on April 29 came with "She's not perfect" as its caption opener. Scroll for Angela's George Floyd statement.

Bravely Baring Body-Image Issues

Angela Simmons poses in a mismatched bikini without makeup
Angela Simmons/Instagram

The bikini snap currently sitting at over 238,000 likes saw Angela 100% makeup free as she wrote: "Her weight fluctuates, she has her days when she’s not sure ... she doesn’t have a 6 pack .... Throughout this all she’s learned to love herself unconditionally... because if she didn’t who would ? She is me . And I am her ... My strength is rooted deeper than the surface."

The raw and natural vibe appears reflected in newly-dropped Simmons Beauty brand, although extensions over at the DHair Boutique haircare brand Angela has a gig with is more about the glam.

Marking George Floyd Murder

Angela Simmons poses with a face mask
Angela Simmons/Instagram

Angela joins the slew of celebrities marking the death of 46-year-old black man George Floyd. George, whose neck was kneeled on for over eight minutes by a white former police officer – now charged with murder – sees his name addressed by stars including Kim Kardashian, Miley Cyrus, and Beyonce. Angela marked Floyd's murder yesterday, writing:

"It’s bigger than this post . True action must be taken behind the scenes. Not just on social media . I am angry . I am upset . I have been thinking of what true change looks like . How do we begin to fix this ? George Floyd did not deserve this . Our men , communities don’t deserve this . I can’t take anymore of this," she wrote.

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