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Scott Disick on a private plane

Scott Disick 'Determined' To 'Rally' For Sofia Richie After Rehab Scandal

Scott Disick | Instagram
By Alyssa McCraw

Sofia Richie and Scott Disick reportedly broke up last week, but rumor has it he already wants her back.

Disick, 37, recently returned from vacationing with longtime love Kourtney Kardashian and their three children. It was said that Kardashian "didn't make it easy" for Richie during her relationship with Disick, yet she still remains friends with other members of the family.

A source close to the Talentless founder says he still "has mixed emotions right now," but "he truly believes he will get Sofia back."

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Scott Has To Put In 'The Work'

Scott Disick & Sofia Richie on her 21st birthday
Sofia Richie | Instagram

"But he understands the space that is needed for both of them, and the work he has to do for himself before any of that happens,” they told HollywoodLife on Friday.

Disick shares a closer relationship with his children's grandmother/savvy momager Kris Jenner. She's widely known for being able to monetize just about anything. Needless to say, people weren't surprised when Disick sold high-dollar coronavirus merch just as the pandemic broke out.

However, the global crisis still had a big impact on his life.

Scott Fled Rehab, But Still 'Want To Rally'

Scott Disick smokes on a boat ride
Scott Disick | Instagram

The insider said “the last couple of weeks and months have been such a whirlwind for his health and well being," especially since "he hasn’t been able to focus on Sofia."

Disick quietly entered a Colorado rehab facility late last month to work through some emotional distress. He quickly ended his stay when someone on staff sold photos of him in a therapy session to a tabloid.

The Blast reported in the aftermath that Disick had begun looking at other teatment options but had strict requirements after the recent incident.

It's unclear if he's landed on a decision yet, but the earlier source says “he really wants to rally and get back to the person [Sofia] fell in love with in the first place."

He's 'Determined' To Get Sofia Back

Scott Disick smiles in sunglasses while reading
Scott Disick | Instagram

“It’s some work," they continued "but he is determined to take it one step at a time and whatever happens with the future with Sofia he knows it will be for the best."

The couple received a lot of flack for their 15-year age difference during their time together. Richie, though, wasn't bothered. The model told Cosmopolitan UK she had “this weird thing where I just don’t care what people think...[it] doesn’t bother me because I’m very happy."

Their in-advanced interview wasn't published until May 28th. That same day, someone said it was the exact opposite."

But, Sofia Wants To Fly Solo

Scott Disick & Sofia Richie
Scott Disick | Instagram

Another tipster told HollywoodLife that Richie didn't like the appearance of "riding his coattails" and "wanted to be her own person."

Across many years on the many Kardashian shows, Disick was seen making big bucks by appearing in nightclubs. 21-year-old Richie is just now able to order a drink, but her older boyfriend has mostly retired from the party scene.

The source said “Sofia is young and not being able to go out has made her realize what she had with Scott."

"She can’t travel and get away with him or even work or do photoshoots to give herself some space," they revealed, adding that "she didn’t like the person he was becoming."

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