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Sommer Ray poses for a photo

Sommer Ray Cruises Around Desert In Hot Orange Bikini

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images
By Rebecca Cukier

Sommer Ray finally got to post those desert snaps. The 23-year-old fitness model and social media sensation whose 2018 Forbes headlines already saw her dubbed "Not Your Average Instagram Model" updated her Instagram just in time for the weekend – if you don't live inside Sommer's Instagram, the account's stories have been steadily documenting a scorching-hot desert photoshoot seeing the Colorado native go shirtless and vintage as she posed by an open-top car.

The girl who has clocked 3.5 million views for pushing a Lamborghini in a tight dress and heels got behind the wheel today.

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From THAT Laundromat Shoot To A Little Desert Heat

Sommer Ray poses pulling down shorts in a laundromat
Sommer Ray/Instagram

Sommer –who made headlines this month for pulling down her Daisy Dukes in a laundromat – posted a photo-heavy batch of images on Friday. We've shared them below. The blonde whose jaw-dropping muscles and infectious personality now see her backed by 24.8 million followers had opted out of showing too much flesh, but the bikini action was all there as Sommer cruised around a desert road and under blue skies. Shooting the camera a piercing gaze in the opening snap, the model flashed a super-tiny orange bikini, then going close-up for the remaining snaps – click here for the full gallery.

'Kiss Me Hard Before You Go'

Sommer Ray drives in a bikini top
Sommer Ray/Instagram

Captions tend not to be lengthy from Ray – today's one followed suit as the model wrote: "Kiss my hard before you go."

Sommer speaks and Instagram responds. "I shall," a fan replied, with the update racking up over 300,000 likes in three hours. Sommer was also asked "what kind of car" she was driving, although few, if any, comments came in over her recent split from 30-year-old rapper Machine Gun Kelly. Sommer dumped the "RAP DEVIL" star on his birthday after a brief romance.

Doesn't Promote Brands, Runs Her Own Show

Sommer Ray/Instagram

Sommer, now in a position to earn fat stacks by influencing, opts out of brand promo, instead using her Instagram to promote her own merch. Sommer Ray's Shop proves hugely popular with pieces including the unique Gym to Swim bikinis – Sommer has plugged the two-piece this year by working out to Jay-Z and Beyonce's iconic "Crazy in Love" track. Raking in far more views, though, was Sommer pushing a Lamborghini in a skin-tight micro dress and high heels – scroll for the video.

Explains Colorado Ranch Upbringing

Sommer Ray poses in a shirt and jeans
Sommer Ray/Instagram

Sommer, now out in L.A., has opened up on her image. The star seemed amused speaking to Forbes as she outlined that the California beach babe look is only skin deep. “I grew up on a ranch in Colorado, in the middle of nowhere. I raised chickens in 4-H. I was really good at it! I have all blue ribbons. I was a rodeo princess. I’m a country girl, not a fake one. When I go to Country Jam, and I’m in cowboy boots, people always say, ‘She’s fake.’ I’m like, ‘No. I was in 4H!’” she told the magazine.

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